Saturday, April 10, 2010

Noodle fights and other silliness

My kids were outside this morning by 7:45. I'm sure the neighbors appreciated their blissful sleep being interrupted by my screaming children. That's why our neighbors love us right? That and because our unkept yard full of toys are forcing their property values down;)

The children love ganging up on Captain Awesome and I during noodle fights. The children are becoming skilled fencers. So we better watch our backs, we are outnumbered.

This morning I made a obstacle course for the kids with slides, noodles, and the trampoline.
Some people thought my obstacle course was a big joke;)

We used food coloring to color water. The kids loved to practice mixing colors and pouring. And I like the fact that it was done outside:)

My children are also talented musicians. They are so good at playing hand bells that I sent them outside. Now, you might think I sent them outside with the bells because I didn't want to get a headache. But, like I said they are talented musicians....It would be greedy of me not to share their talents with the whole neighborhood;) I only have enough patience to download one of these videos. So here is one of GH counting the bells.

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