Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures from Roosters first soccer game

Rooster has been looking forward to soccer. Now she want to play baseball too. Her wish list never ends;)
Captain Awesome got done with inventory early so he was able to join us. Rooster was so happy that daddy could make it:)

Rooster met her team.

We heard a parent say "'Sarah' is quiet but she can be aggressive when she wants. She's going to go out there and be fierce". Captain Awesome and I chuckled.....they are 3-5 year olds.

There really wasn't any fierce players. Although it was obvious that the other team had a lot of good players. Rooster wasn't fierce, as I'm sure you figured out by now. We've always played cooperation type games...never competitive. So she is kind of new to that, except for what she's learned at school. Like I said, she wasn't fierce. But she was adorable. Most importantly she had a great time. Which is what we tried to emphasize to her. She has learned about winning and losing from school. She doesn't like to lose. Of course, who really likes to lose?

Here's Rooster and one of her teammates. Aren't they cute?


  1. She looks like she had a blast! See had you stayed here, she would have learned competition from Little dude. HE is already talking smack about the other teams, till they take him to task that is. He starts his 6 weekends of soccer games next weekend. Sadly that means 6 weekends of not having to visit the in laws Whoo hoo, er, I mean boo hoo...

  2. She wouldnt really smile for me. And of course when she did I didnt have the camera. I think she was trying to figure out what was going on. Im sure next week will be better.

    Little Dude is funny. Im so sorry you cant go visit your in-laws. You must be so dissappointed


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