Monday, April 12, 2010

Playdate with Tiny Tim

GH enjoys bird watching;) He cant actually see any birds with these cheap binoculars from Target. But he is always pointing at birds and saying "Tweet Tweet". Today he really wanted Liz to look for birds with him. The boys don't really play with each other yet. GH is a little bit older than Tiny Tim (who actually might be bigger than GH now) GH refuses to be any sort of role model. He doesn't share well;) We are working on it.

But, both boys are always able to put small squabbles behind them. Today they even toasted each other with a big "Cheers"

Bottoms up!


  1. Great pictures - they look like they are enjoying their drinks!

  2. Yes, cold water on a warm morning is quite refreshing:)Plus I think they just like going through the motions...they think they are big people:)


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