Friday, April 16, 2010

Plotting the death of cartoon characters

I was watching Modern Family. One of the dads was complaining about being a stay at home dad. He was missing his high powered lawyer position. The dad said he would rather be back at work instead of plotting the death of Dora. His plan to rid the world of Dora would go down like this. He would put dynamite in her backpack and send her in search of the mountain. I know out of the three people who read this blog....two are mortified:D
I told my friend Krimsin how funny I thought it was....and how cool of a blog post it could be if people added ideas. Because she indulges my self destructive tendencies (because that's what real friends do) she encouraged me to blog about it.
I dont have a whole list of plots because I'm not that creative. But, I did come up with one. It is my idea of how to get rid of Oscar the Grouch

Do you have any plots you would like to share? If so leave a comment:)

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