Monday, April 12, 2010

Random stuff

I needed to finish making dinner. But, Rooster would not leave me alone. It was one thing after another. So I gave her an empty Parmesan container and told her to go catch a bug outside. Last year it might have bought me a few minutes. But, this year it didn't even buy me one minute. In about 30 seconds she walked in the door and presented me with a bug. Fantastic! Pose for a picture. Then get that thing out of my kitchen:)

The life of a four year old can be hard. You go to preschool in the morning. Then you spend the afternoon playing in the backyard and at the pool. Eventually you are gonna have to check out.

Tonight GH did not want to go take a bath. Big Dog pulled him up saying "It's bath time". Then he walked behind GH on the way upstairs. I guess he wanted to make sure GH didn't make a break for it:)

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