Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snoring at the Saturday Vigil

The Saturday Vigil has a bad reputation, especially among non-Catholics. It is one of the Masses that make people afraid of visiting Catholic church. Heck, it even scares Catholics. (So it's easy to find a seat.) Even though we are to live our lives always thinking of God. The possibility of spending three straight hours devoted to God seems a bit daunting. But, it truly is a beautiful Mass. I think it's my favorite Mass because I joined the church during a Saturday Vigil.

My mother-in-law remembers my first Easter Vigil. I can't say I remember it with clarity she can. About an hour and a half into the three hour Mass I remember thinking "I need a Mountain Dew." Then I think I went into a coma. According to my MIL I didn't go into a coma. My future brother in law and I were really fidgety. My behavior was excusable..his wasn't. Sorry BIL I need to be the favorite:D I think my behavior was to be expected I was raised Methodist....and this just seemed way too much for me. Most of the time you can get out in two hours. Not that its a rush. It seriously is a beautiful Mass.

This year while they were lighting candles from the fire Big Dog pointed his fingers into the air and shouted "Yeah". And as they read scripture Big Dog got impatient with all the pauses so he shouted "Go on" :)

It was dark inside the church and the kids were getting tired. But, as our candles were lit the kids became fascinated. They love the candles. It really is quite beautiful to see the the church lit by candles. GH kept trying to blow out our candles. He takes fire safety very seriously....he's like a little Smokey the Bear.

The boys did fall asleep. The teenage girls in front of us laughed whenever they started snoring. I thought it was pretty funny too. As we walked out the priests were impressed our little ones made it through the Mass. (They must remember our kids barely make it through regular Masses;D) I casually forgot to mention to the priests that our kids weren't awake during the Mass. That's not considered a lie is it?

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