Sunday, May 30, 2010

GH does stuff

GH likes to play football with Captain Awesome.

He likes to color his face with magic markers.
And now he's trying to climb up slides.

Activities, Holy Trinity Sunday and Joan of Arcs Feast day

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday. I got a neat Holy Trinity coloring page on Familia Catolica. Only problem was that it's in Spanish;) We also read a book on Joan of Arc and did some coloring pages we found on Catholic Icing.

We got out some file folder activities. I'm slowly starting to add activities.

I've been working with Rooster on her sight words. And we have been reading two level one easy readers each day.

Am I on Cops again?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Crowning

Rooster thought it was funny to have our statue of Mary sit at the table while the blueberry muffins were baking:D

I think our statue of Mary looks much more grand this way. For our snack we had blueberry muffins and blue kool-aid. The kiddos and Captain Awesome loved the blueberry muffins. But, the blue kool-aid didn't have enough sugar for some people.
A really weird/freaky thing happened after I unplugged the blender we used to mix up the blueberry muffin mix. GH hopped up onto a chair and grabbed for the cord of the blender. He then took the cord and started to move it around the counter like a snake. While he did this he made a "ssssss" sound. The reason I think this is so odd is Catholics believe that Mary is part of God's plan to crush the head of the serpent/Satan. I hope this isn't some sort of bad sign:(
GH did the honor of crowning our outdoor Mary statue.
Doesn't she look beautiful?
We also did some Mary coloring pages that I found on Catholic Icing. If you would like to see our past May Crownings click here.

feeding our kids to the bears......

We went to the Wildlife Safari today. The kids had a blast. Rooster took some photos. When I say some photos I mean 108:D I only posted a few on her blog if you want to see them. She doesn't know how to zoom yet. So it makes it hard to get a good picture at a place like that. Anyway, this is a picture at the bear exhibit. When we were walking there Rooster was telling us that she didn't want the bear to get to her and eat her. We were trying to tell her that the bears couldn't get to her. An older gentleman jokingly said, "If you are going to feed your kids to the bears I'll follow you because that will be exciting." Yes, sir...hardy har har. Luckily, my kids figured out he was joking;)

We haven't been doing a lot of learning activities because I'm lazy. Here is a picture of GH sorting ice cube shapes. GH kept saying "tasty" then he smacked his lips. He wasn't really into the activity. So Big Dog had to correct him a few times. But, that's what big brothers do:)

GH kept bringing toys into the pool and Big Dog kept throwing them out. Both boys are persistent so this went on for about an hour.
Nothing beats a freezer pop on a hot day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Todays trip to the zoo

Today I remembered my camera. Hooray! I was somewhat disappointed that I forgot my camera yesterday when we went to the Children's Museum. I absolutely hate it when that happens. It never fails. When you don't bring the camera they do the most adorable things.

Anyway, we had a great time at the zoo. No we did not go to the new Madagascar exhibit. We picked a bad day to go to the zoo. It was Family Fun day. So the place was we skipped that exhibit in favor of ones that weren't as packed.

Rooster kept Big Dog on a short leash today;) I'm never in pictures. But, Captain Awesome snapped this one of me and the kids. I think it's may favorite so far.

The boys loved the penguins.

Big Dog loved riding this giraffe statue after lunch.

Rooster was playing it cool.....because she's a cool cat.

Rooster photography blog has been updated

Rooster took a lot of photos at the zoo today. They are seperated into three new posts. So check out her blog if you have time. She took a lot of pictures of flowers today:) She also got some of a diver who was doing some maintenance at the aquarium.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never question what a Rooster says

All year long Rooster has been telling me that her friends were all six years old. I knew she was the youngest in the class....and that yes her friends were turning six years old before her. I tried to sympathize with the child. It is hard to be the youngest.

Recently, she has been telling me that she is six and that her friends were turning seven. She knows that she is five and that her birthday isn't until mid July. But, she was very insistent that she had friends turning seven. I figured she was just being dramatic. I told her several times that her friends aren't turning seven yet. What do I really know? Nothing apparently because we got a birthday invite to a classmate who is turning seven in the next few weeks. When I told Ruzenka that she was right and that I was sorry for not believing her she said "That's ok mommy. I forgive you" Isn't she sweet? She is probably convinced that I'm clueless now. She probably thinks we forgot a birthday one year:D Soon...soon it will be Roosters turn to have a big cake!Or at least something bigger than this cupcake. If this age thing is bad at five years old. Can you imagine how jealous she will be when her classmate turns 16 and gets a drivers license? I'll have to explain to her that she is still 14;D This will seem like nothing when that conversation happens.

My little Rooster is growing up fast. Today was her last day of kindergarten. So we let Rooster decide the activity this afternoon. She chose the Children's Museum and pizza. So after we spent the afternoon at the Children's Museum we went to CiCi's Pizza. Rooster was sitting in the booth next to daddy blowing bubbles in her Hi-C when she looked over at me and said "Mommy, you are a cool cat. I'm going to put you in a cage and take you home with me." She is such a silly little girl:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Life in Sketches

Some people might say I shouldn't let GH anywhere near a font. But, GH starts whimpering when we go into the church. He does this until he gets his turn to get holy water. Then he happily makes his version of the sign of the cross. If I don't let him have a turn he will scream....and scream until I do. GH could be a creature of habit or he could just be spoiled. I think spoiled is far more probable.

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's summer time...

The kiddos were super psyched to get to play on the Slip and Slide.

Keepin' It Real

Rooster has been throwing impromptu parties. Here is a picture of an indoor picnic she threw together for the boys the other day.

Captain Awesome asked her if she was going to throw lots of parties like Aunt Shelia when she grows up. She smiled and said "Yes, daddy". She has been a helpful big sister and a wonderful assistant. She helps me cook and bake whenever there is an opportunity. But it doesn't stop there....not for my little Martha Stewart. The other day while I was using the garden sheers to cut some grass along the fence line, she ran inside and grabbed a pair of craft scissors. Then she used the craft scissors to help me cut the grass.

Big Dog has been busy too. When he came home from school today he ran to the altar. He was shocked not to see the Resurrection set that has been sitting there since the beginning of Lent. How can Lent and the Easter season be over? Anyway, Big Dog looked at the altar a few times.....then he looked under the altar. Poor little guy couldn't find Jesus:(

This evening he helped paint the bread sticks for dinner. He loves doing that for me:)

But, Big Dog has a naughty streak. This morning I had taped a note to his shirt telling his teachers that his lunch money was in his backpack. Big Dog usually keeps the notes on. But, not today. He pulled it off several times. I found it on the floor, on the couches and the last time he took it off I found it on GH's back.
Very funny Big Dog....hardy har har.
GH has been really cranky. I guess its the terrible twos. When he isn't making me want to pull out my hair, he is making me laugh. I hurt my shoulders wrestling with the kids at Mass on Sunday. So that night I had taken a lot of ibuprofen and put on Icy Hot. I KNOW....I'M OLD! The next morning GH comes up gives me a hug and kiss. Then his nose crinkles up and started making sniffing noises. I was all, "Yes, GH I know."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Put the needle on the record

I have spent the last three days going to garage sales. I've neglected my blogs....and probably my family in the process;) I did find quite a few buys. I'm posting them to justify neglecting my family:D

Some of the highlights include a lamb cake mold (front and back) for a quarter, a puzzle rack for $2, a free dresser, a tv stand for $10 (after two years of looking all I can say is hooray.) And this old Playskool record player I picked up for two bucks.

Rooster loves changing the record but the boys love to sit and listen to the songs.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Bob and Big Dog were super excited when we put up the tent.

The kids had a great time in the tent. They read books, sang songs and stole blankets from mom.

oh yeah...and they played with the flashlight. How could I forget that? I have fifty photographs of GH playing with the flashlight;) I think this is my favorite picture.
We put the tent up shortly before I started making dinner. Rooster kept coming in the house asking for various items. Here is a sampling of some of the stuff on her list of demands.
1) sleeping bags 2) pillows 3) flashlights 4) marsh mellows 5) hot dogs (like the ones Curious George ate) 6) books 7) a fire 8) more blankets 9) drinks 10) a snack 11) and firecrackers:O

boys being boys

Big Dog wouldn't get off the roof. So GH was forced to do some crazy driving.

Happy Baptismal Anniversary Big Dog!

Big Dog helped make the cupcakes.

They looked nice.....
and tasted delicious:)

A FYI from the Rooster

I got to go to the zoo.

I will make a cheese cake.
(and mommies favorite......)
I eat burritos

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Baptismal Anniversary GH

GH helped make his cake.

I hope this cake makes it to dinner without being destroyed.

Speaking of things getting destroyed. The bus that Rooster and Big Dog ride to school in got into a wreck today. Everyone is ok. But, the bus might be totaled. I don't know all the details but apparently the other driver ran a stop sign and hit the bus. It must have been loud because a little girl in the class said it made her ears hurt:( The driver that ran the stop sign is ok even though her air bag didn't deploy. My kids were tardy but got to class eventually:)
Anyway, everyone is ok which is another blessing to celebrate today:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

enjoying the beautiful weather

Some people can relax and have a good time.
Other people think they have to get some work done;)
The boys have been very busy landscapers. Their toy trucks are always full of rocks and dirt. The boys love pushing the trucks all over the yard. I will have quite the mess to clean up when I get around to mowing:D
Not only is our yard in shambles, so is our home. For the second evening in a row we have seen robins throwing sticks, leaves, "helicopters" out of our gutters. I guess the birds think we don't properly maintain our home. GH and Rooster think this is awesome when they robins do this. Rooster keeps her distance when the robins go to work. But, GH gets really close. I'm sure the bird loves trying to hit GH with debris.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lots of random stuff from today

We broke out the new bubble stuff today.

Rooster gave me this picture. You may be able to make out part of her name. The picture is of her and GH. She said that the drawing of her is asking GH why he is crying. The picture of GH is pretty elaborate. He's frowning, and crying:( I think she drew this picture because she was really worried about him this afternoon. We had a great time playing at the Children's Museum. But, when we left GH lost it. He was kicking and screaming. At one point he even slapped me across the face. It was not a pretty sight. Rooster tried to help calm him down when we got to the car. She gave him sippie cups, toys, and a snack but nothing worked.

Anyway, most of the day was awesome. I let the kiddos roam at the Childrens Museum more than usual. Luckily, they always came when I called their names:) Here are some pictures. GH and Big Dog LOVED this incredibly loud semi truck. It drove me nuts. So for about 25 minutes I stood back watched them from a distance. I honestly don't know how anyone could listen to that blaring obnoxious sound for so long and not want to run away.

Big Dog and GH always like pounding on the water jugs.

All of my kiddos love this huge Connect Four game.

Rooster has been super helpful. Tonight she told Captain Awesome, "You sit there daddy. I will get the computer ready for you." Then she used the favorites menu and pulled up his Rivals message board. She told him "I found R for you dad":D Isn't that sweet?:)