Wednesday, May 12, 2010

... and God rolls his eyes at me again

On Mothers Day my sister in law Shelia hosted a lunch for the whole family. It was really nice to see everyone and the food was delicious.

When I was walking into my SIL's house I saw a Catholics Come Home sign in her garage. I wanted one immediately and asked her where she got it. I didn't think I would have much luck getting one. So I decided to go on-line in search of one of these awesome yard signs:) Why shouldn't I have one of these signs? I really wanted one. How silly is it to get jealous over a yard sign? I'm certain that God is thinking, "Really Kristi? Really? You are jealous over a yard sign that promotes me? You should know better" And all I can say is "Yes Lord, I am that petty. I do know better and I'm sorry".

I wasn't able to find the yard sign on-line. I suppose I deserve that. But, I was able to purchase this nice auto magnet for a five dollar donation:)

I love the Catholics Come Home commercials. This one is my favorite.

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