Saturday, May 8, 2010

Apparently my blog sucks without pictures.......

or so I've been told. Luckily, Captain Awesome told me to go get a new camera for my Mothers Day gift.

Rooster and I have been working on a spiritual bouquet for Grandma C. It has pictures of all her grandkids. I think she will like it.

But, Mothers Day isn't all about Grandma. It's about me and how awesome I am:D I didn't just get a camera. I also got a patio set. Rooster says that the camera and patio set are not my toys/presents. She insists that they are for the kids and that I'm getting puzzles for Mothers Day......I hope she isn't right. I hate puzzles.

The kiddos have enjoyed playing in the big box that the chairs came in.

....especially GH.

The older kiddos enjoyed tagging the box b/c they like keepin' it real.
GH's Fisher Price Popper stopped working. We tried to save it but it is ancient. So we ended up tossing it:(

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