Saturday, May 29, 2010

feeding our kids to the bears......

We went to the Wildlife Safari today. The kids had a blast. Rooster took some photos. When I say some photos I mean 108:D I only posted a few on her blog if you want to see them. She doesn't know how to zoom yet. So it makes it hard to get a good picture at a place like that. Anyway, this is a picture at the bear exhibit. When we were walking there Rooster was telling us that she didn't want the bear to get to her and eat her. We were trying to tell her that the bears couldn't get to her. An older gentleman jokingly said, "If you are going to feed your kids to the bears I'll follow you because that will be exciting." Yes, sir...hardy har har. Luckily, my kids figured out he was joking;)

We haven't been doing a lot of learning activities because I'm lazy. Here is a picture of GH sorting ice cube shapes. GH kept saying "tasty" then he smacked his lips. He wasn't really into the activity. So Big Dog had to correct him a few times. But, that's what big brothers do:)

GH kept bringing toys into the pool and Big Dog kept throwing them out. Both boys are persistent so this went on for about an hour.
Nothing beats a freezer pop on a hot day.

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