Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is Father trying to tell me not to come to Mass dressed like I'm a streetwalker?

In this weeks church bulletin Father wrote,

In a recent mailing from the Chancery Office, it was mentioned that the following sign was seen by someone in a church they were visiting in another part of the country. It was suggested in the mailing that the priests may want to have one made. We have many of these issues, but not all--thank heaves. The sign read as follows.
Welcome all who enter this church
We show our love of God and neighbor
By creating a prayerful and reverent environment
-Silence is required inside the church.
-Late comers are not seated during the proclamation of the Sacred Scripture.
-Turn off cell phones, pagers, beeping watches,etc.
No food, No gum, No drinks inside the church.
-Parents, kindly attend promptly to noisy children.
-Communion guidelines found on cards in hymnal racks.
-Modest and appropriate dress is required:
Ladies-please be covered from neck to knees.
Gentlemen-please wear a nice shirt&nice pants
-Please remove hats and caps.
-Those not dressed modestly may be asked to return home and change.
Ok, I really don't think I have a modesty issue. I'm sort of tubby so it's not like I'm showing off or anything. Although, I see the need for this bulletin. I occasionally see ladies dressed like...well not dressed like ladies:D I suppose we should all try to be a bit more modest. The churches rectory secretary wears a veil. So whenever I see her at Mass I feel guilty....like I am dressed like a streetwalker;) That Catholic guilt is kicking in:D
Anyway, I'm not going to be bringing in anymore sippy cups for my kids. I can take the hint....you don't appreciate the slurping:D


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