Monday, May 24, 2010

Keepin' It Real

Rooster has been throwing impromptu parties. Here is a picture of an indoor picnic she threw together for the boys the other day.

Captain Awesome asked her if she was going to throw lots of parties like Aunt Shelia when she grows up. She smiled and said "Yes, daddy". She has been a helpful big sister and a wonderful assistant. She helps me cook and bake whenever there is an opportunity. But it doesn't stop there....not for my little Martha Stewart. The other day while I was using the garden sheers to cut some grass along the fence line, she ran inside and grabbed a pair of craft scissors. Then she used the craft scissors to help me cut the grass.

Big Dog has been busy too. When he came home from school today he ran to the altar. He was shocked not to see the Resurrection set that has been sitting there since the beginning of Lent. How can Lent and the Easter season be over? Anyway, Big Dog looked at the altar a few times.....then he looked under the altar. Poor little guy couldn't find Jesus:(

This evening he helped paint the bread sticks for dinner. He loves doing that for me:)

But, Big Dog has a naughty streak. This morning I had taped a note to his shirt telling his teachers that his lunch money was in his backpack. Big Dog usually keeps the notes on. But, not today. He pulled it off several times. I found it on the floor, on the couches and the last time he took it off I found it on GH's back.
Very funny Big Dog....hardy har har.
GH has been really cranky. I guess its the terrible twos. When he isn't making me want to pull out my hair, he is making me laugh. I hurt my shoulders wrestling with the kids at Mass on Sunday. So that night I had taken a lot of ibuprofen and put on Icy Hot. I KNOW....I'M OLD! The next morning GH comes up gives me a hug and kiss. Then his nose crinkles up and started making sniffing noises. I was all, "Yes, GH I know."

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