Friday, May 14, 2010

Lots of random stuff from today

We broke out the new bubble stuff today.

Rooster gave me this picture. You may be able to make out part of her name. The picture is of her and GH. She said that the drawing of her is asking GH why he is crying. The picture of GH is pretty elaborate. He's frowning, and crying:( I think she drew this picture because she was really worried about him this afternoon. We had a great time playing at the Children's Museum. But, when we left GH lost it. He was kicking and screaming. At one point he even slapped me across the face. It was not a pretty sight. Rooster tried to help calm him down when we got to the car. She gave him sippie cups, toys, and a snack but nothing worked.

Anyway, most of the day was awesome. I let the kiddos roam at the Childrens Museum more than usual. Luckily, they always came when I called their names:) Here are some pictures. GH and Big Dog LOVED this incredibly loud semi truck. It drove me nuts. So for about 25 minutes I stood back watched them from a distance. I honestly don't know how anyone could listen to that blaring obnoxious sound for so long and not want to run away.

Big Dog and GH always like pounding on the water jugs.

All of my kiddos love this huge Connect Four game.

Rooster has been super helpful. Tonight she told Captain Awesome, "You sit there daddy. I will get the computer ready for you." Then she used the favorites menu and pulled up his Rivals message board. She told him "I found R for you dad":D Isn't that sweet?:)

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