Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Crowning

Rooster thought it was funny to have our statue of Mary sit at the table while the blueberry muffins were baking:D

I think our statue of Mary looks much more grand this way. For our snack we had blueberry muffins and blue kool-aid. The kiddos and Captain Awesome loved the blueberry muffins. But, the blue kool-aid didn't have enough sugar for some people.
A really weird/freaky thing happened after I unplugged the blender we used to mix up the blueberry muffin mix. GH hopped up onto a chair and grabbed for the cord of the blender. He then took the cord and started to move it around the counter like a snake. While he did this he made a "ssssss" sound. The reason I think this is so odd is Catholics believe that Mary is part of God's plan to crush the head of the serpent/Satan. I hope this isn't some sort of bad sign:(
GH did the honor of crowning our outdoor Mary statue.
Doesn't she look beautiful?
We also did some Mary coloring pages that I found on Catholic Icing. If you would like to see our past May Crownings click here.

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