Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never question what a Rooster says

All year long Rooster has been telling me that her friends were all six years old. I knew she was the youngest in the class....and that yes her friends were turning six years old before her. I tried to sympathize with the child. It is hard to be the youngest.

Recently, she has been telling me that she is six and that her friends were turning seven. She knows that she is five and that her birthday isn't until mid July. But, she was very insistent that she had friends turning seven. I figured she was just being dramatic. I told her several times that her friends aren't turning seven yet. What do I really know? Nothing apparently because we got a birthday invite to a classmate who is turning seven in the next few weeks. When I told Ruzenka that she was right and that I was sorry for not believing her she said "That's ok mommy. I forgive you" Isn't she sweet? She is probably convinced that I'm clueless now. She probably thinks we forgot a birthday one year:D Soon...soon it will be Roosters turn to have a big cake!Or at least something bigger than this cupcake. If this age thing is bad at five years old. Can you imagine how jealous she will be when her classmate turns 16 and gets a drivers license? I'll have to explain to her that she is still 14;D This will seem like nothing when that conversation happens.

My little Rooster is growing up fast. Today was her last day of kindergarten. So we let Rooster decide the activity this afternoon. She chose the Children's Museum and pizza. So after we spent the afternoon at the Children's Museum we went to CiCi's Pizza. Rooster was sitting in the booth next to daddy blowing bubbles in her Hi-C when she looked over at me and said "Mommy, you are a cool cat. I'm going to put you in a cage and take you home with me." She is such a silly little girl:)


  1. It's weird, because Little Dude has the same problem. When parents hold their kids back till they are six so their are "ready" one of 2 things happen. They get held back because lets face it they will never be ready, or their birthday shafted them and they had no choice but being held at home till they are 6. It blows my mind to know that our 2 will be graduating from school at the ripe old age of....wait for it...17! While the others in their classes will be 18 or 19, maybe even 20!

  2. Don't even get me started on this topic! Addy shares Rooster's bday so we are walking the same path. Now the great state of NE has made it even worse with the new age law, some 5 year olds will not be elgible to start K unless they pass a screening (if their parents even elect the assessment...)


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