Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our life in sketches

My new camera only takes fuzzy pictures. So I won't be blogging as much. But, on a happy note, when I do blog I will be posting more of Our Life in Sketches. If I take enough pictures of the drawings eventually I end up with one picture you can actually make out:D

A couple of days ago Big Dog tried peeing into Donatello's aquarium. I know...I'm raising such dignified children;)

One of Roosters favorite outdoor games is Catch the Butterfly. She loves chasing me around the yard. I flap my arms and try to escape. But, eventually she gets me cornered (sometimes with Captain Awesome's help) and catches me with her net. It's quite terrifying if you are the butterfly;) I was so scared that I fell into one of the little holes in our yard and twisted my ankle. Rooster showed no mercy. She caught my head in her net and laughed about it.

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