Monday, June 28, 2010

She needs to see a priest

The kids had their good moments today. Rooster buckled her brothers into the wagon for the trip to the park. GH and Big Dog jumped into the pool a few times. Rooster and Big Dog did get a lot of "school work" done (Two full hours worth). But, most of the day was awful. To put it simply I should have known better than to leave the house. When things start off that rough...well the chances of it getting better are pretty slim.

I commented to my neighbor Rosemary that we had been having a rough day. I told her I suspected that I was giving my kids so much to do that they feel entitled to it. Instead of being grateful for all the things I do for them. They think that it's nothing and are disobedient and disagreeable just because. She said that its a child's nature to be greedy etc and its our job to correct this issue. I think she is right....well, I know shes right. When Rosemary asked Rooster what happened today Rooster said something to the effect that "I was naughty. So I need to go talk to the priest." I didn't tell her she needed to go to talk to the priest. Although I'm glad the Catholic guilt is starting to kick in;)

My kids are finally asleep and I thank God for that. I don't think I could have taken another hour of them screaming in my ears. Have you ever wanted to yell back at your kids? Well I did today....not just wanted to yell at them I did. So I guess mommy needs to go see the priest too:(

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Smarty Pants Institute is now in session

One of my best garage sale finds during our local city wide garage sale was a box of file folder games/lessons. A teacher sold a whole box of them to me for $5. I won't be able to use some of them for a few years but they are great! They are all neat and much better than the ones I make. Anyway, we worked on synonyms. I can't even pronounce synonyms I probably should even attempt to teach them:D

Rooster has been doing awesome with her sight words so we are adding more sight words. We are also working with word families. I only have a few sets made out but I'm hoping to do some more soon. Today she read three level one books to me. Usually she only reads one. I guess she was feeling ambitious today;) I am very impressed with the progress she is making in reading. I had the hardest time learning to read. But, she doesn't seem to be struggling as much as I did:) Rooster is doing about 8 pages of activities from her work binder a day. When we practiced writing our names today I decided to print out my whole name (first, middle, Confirmation, maiden-married) Rooster looked at the name and said, "Mommy, you need a period at the end of that". I said, "Why because its long like a sentence?" She then laughed and said "Yes, mommy like a long sentence." Rooster is looking forward to summer activities she sounded like a tv announcer when we were in the car the other day she shouted, "Its time for Ruzenka's great adventures!" Anyway....................

I thought Big Dog would be happy doing 6 or 7 pages in his binder. After all, I didn't want to burn him out over the summer. But, he was MAD when I put his binder away. So Captain Awesome says he gets to work in his binders until he's tired of it. I can see where Big Dog is coming from. Rooster gets a lot more time to work on stuff with reading and sight words....which are things he can't do yet.

Even GH has a binder. He had ate animal crackers at the table while the other kids did their binder work. When they were done they all went outside. When I called GH to come in he didn't want to come in (today was the first day I made him work in his binder) When I opened it up and he saw that it was Elmo he decided that it might not be so bad:D Rooster insisted on helping GH with his work after he and I completed his mandatory two pages:D Rooster was a little annoyed by him just coloring all over his binder. But, she did encourage him to practice writing his name with mom. GH looked like he enjoyed it.
The kids have enjoyed their trips to the park and pool this summer. But, it's also nice to take it easy and hang out at home.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saint John the Baptist treat

Definately more delicious than locusts.

To A&S

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More from the Rooster

Rooster came and got me while I was cooking dinner. She told me that she dressed up like Mary. She also wanted me to take a picture of her on the staircase. She was being pretty silly but, this photo isn't too bad:)
Captain Awesome (God bless him) colors with the kids every night. I hate coloring. I guess I can't handle Roosters criticism.....she is always telling us "I see white." Then we have to color more until shes satisfied with our drawing. She doesn't do a lot of coloring herself. But, she does love pretending to be the teacher. Tonight she graded Captain Awesome's picture with the comment "good". If you look at the top margin you should be able to see it. I'm sure Aunt Shel would be proud.
Please leave positive feedback on Captain Awesomes drawing. He works really hard;)

Bathtime with GH

GH was not happy about his bath ending. So he threw himself on the floor......

Rooster says....

This morning Rooster came downstairs. She told me "I had a dream that I went to jail mommy." Then she smiled and said, "I had to wear stripes."
Last week she told me "Snakes are my favorite animals mom". I asked "Why are snakes your favorite?" She told me "Because I like to watch them slither away" Then she started moving her arm around like a if I wanted a visual. Gross!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's totally normal to wear a sombrero at the dinner table...

I took this picture when were traveling to see my in-laws on Fathers Day. It was raining hard but the kids didn't seem to mind. I did mind. I don't like driving in the rain that much. But, the kids looked out the window and enjoyed watching the rain for most of the trip. Big Dog looks like he's contemplating something pretty important. Whatever he was thinking of must have been pretty intense because he fell asleep a few minutes later:D

The kids enjoyed seeing Cousins Charlie and Lola. When we pulled up to the ranch Rooster yelled "Charlie get me out of the car". The kids spent time catching frogs. I didn't mind helping the kids spot the frogs. But, Cousin Charlie had to do all the catching. And he did quite well. He caught eight frogs. The kids whipped up an impressive habitat for the frogs. A large plastic tote with rocks water and dirt. During our frog hunt a few frogs escaped. So these frogs escaped incarceration at the POW camp....I mean the "habitat". We decided not to worry about the ones that got away. Since they were so cunning they deserved their freedom:D

Big Dog enjoyed looking for frogs. I only have a few photos without Charlie and Lola in them. So it kind of narrows down the number of photos I can use. But, I think this one of Big Dog is my favorite. He was really enjoying the tall grass.

Big Dog jumping;D

When we came home we had Subway for dinner. Big Dog is always coming to the table wearing a sombrero. I don't know if he thinks he has to dress up for dinner or what;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seek the tooth

Rooster lost on of her front teeth shortly before 8pm. As everyone knows 8pm is the Tooth Fairies cut off time. Since she lost the tooth before 8pm she got to leave it under her pillow that night. Rooster was glad to hear that she didn't have to wait until the following day.

I had put Roosters tooth in a small velvet bag. Despite my warnings she got the bag off the counter and was carrying it all over the house. She ended up losing the tooth. Somehow it fell out of the bag. Luckily I found it on the steps. So she didn't have to pay any penalties or finder fees to the Tooth Fairy. So Rooster got a whole dollar for her tooth.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Licorice...It's whats for dinner

Rooster and Clifford

The following artwork has been titled "Ruzenka and Clifford." Rooster and Clifford have been drawing lots of pictures together.

Rooster is always playing with Clifford. I think she is happy to have another "person" to take care of. Here she is putting socks on Clifford.
I think all this extra work Rooster has been up to has left her exhausted. Yesterday she was mad a GH for following her around. She said "Henry is annoying me. He won't leave me alone. He's bothering me." This shocked us.....our mother hen never talks like this.
I think she needs a moms night out as much as I do. Tonight she was asking for the keys to the car. I told her no of course. I reminded her that she was too young to drive. And she insisted that she was old enough:D

Why should GH have to should know what he wants

We were enjoying some cake for dessert when GH started screaming. I finally figured out he wanted a juice box like Rooster had. I started to get up to get him one when Rooster cut me off at the pass. She happily got juice boxes for both.

Big Dog has been busy

This is just another reason why you should never leave a four year old alone with play-doh.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

um, okay

Big Dog was heading out the door when I grabbed him. I looked at him and said "I have something to tell you." I tapped his nose three times saying "I love you". He ran to the door and opened it. While he walked out he looked at the banana in his hand and said "I love.....[PAUSE]....bananas".

Good Night Ya'll

Sprinkler Park

These aren't my best photos. But, my images are really small when I go through the file. And Im too lazy to go through each individually;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

We bought a horse today.......

Big Dog loves it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CCD probation and the religiously gifted

When I started to pray the rosary today I felt compelled to pray it for our goddaughter Lola. For some reason I decided that each day of the week is one of the kids in our family. My rosary intentions are as follows: Rooster/Sun, Big Dog/Mon, GH/Tues, Lola (goddaughter)/Wed, Charlie/Thurs, Spidermonkey (godson)/Fri, then Captain Awesome and I on Saturday. We aren't kids but we could use the help.

My SIL said that it's a good thing I am praying for Charlie and Lola. Lola hates church (what a coincidence Rooster is going through the same thing) and Charlie is on CCD probation. Don't worry he didn't do anything wrong. He's just the only kid in his grade and he was bumped up into an older class. So he is in some trial probationary period. So my SIL said that my prayer intentions should be to get him off of probation. My SIL said that the priest was worried that Charlie would get bored doing the same class two years in a row. But, my SIL assured him that she wasn't putting him in because she thought he was "religiously gifted" she just wanted him to be involved.
Anyway, each child has their own rosary that I will pray on their day of the week.

Rooster rides a bike

This was Roosters first time riding her big girl bike. The bike still has training wheels for now. Once she got the hang of it she went fast. So Captain Awesome was exhausted by the end of her lesson. She wasn't tired though. She told him, "I want to go fast dad".

Big Dog didn't want to be left out so he grabbed his bike and started riding up and down the alley too. It made me so happy to see him bringing his bike over.

The first time Rooster fell she just got a little cut. But by this point she looked exhausted. So Captain Awesome asked if she wanted to quit. She said "No daddy I want to keep going." Rooster also insisted that she needed a trophy;)

She did fall again at the end of the lesson. She scratched up her knee and it was bleeding. But, its amazing how a ice pack and a Popsicle can make everything better:)
In an unrelated story regarding Rooster.........
The other day Rooster had really bad behavior. So I deleted tv shows that she liked off of the DVR. When she realized that I also deleted the series recordings so they wouldn't record in the future she was peeved. I told her she could have them back after she proves that she can have better behaviors. (I made these decisions without my husbands knowledge because he was at work) So when he came home Rooster immediately told him how I had done her wrong;) She didn't even say hello to him. As soon as he walked through the door she said "Daddy, we have no George. We have no Sesame Street. And we have no Clifford."
Does someone have my trophy for being the meanest mommy ever? I'm waiting:)

playgroup photos and video

Guess who found her thumb!
The boys started a band.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Duck. It's what's for dinner.

Rooster has her own room and a bunk bed.....

Big Dog and Bob aren't going to take this lying down.......

ok, yes they will.

Friday, June 4, 2010


We took the kids bowling this morning. Despite the look on GH's face in this photo, they did have a good time.

GH liked his bowling shoes and was stomping around in them. He kept wanting to go up and bowl. He doesn't understand taking turns yet. But maybe he was throwing fits to throw Captain Awesome and I off of our game. He's quite cunning for a two year old:D

Rooster found the perfect bowling ball. This ball helped her keep her rather large score lead. (You might have noticed. Rooster is about to loose her front two teeth. Stay tuned...)

Rooster was sort of a hot shot as she pretty much crushed the competition. She had a good showing...that's for sure.

Big Dog played really well. He really seemed to enjoy it.

The place was packed and he just kept looking around at all the cool stuff. I love this picture for some reason. But, I wish he didn't have that cut on his forehead.

GH ended up with the highest score. I don't think the score really matters so we don't need to discuss it;D Plus the kids got to use those gutter the scores are invalid:D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Rooster Art Study

Rooster says that this is an ant carrying a pineapple.

This is a frowning sun that Rooster made at school. She thinks it's funny. So I hung it up in her room.

This is a picture she drew this week. She said it was me praying the rosary. You might notice that I'm kneeling and I have my rosary. Yes, I'm praying the rosary everyday. This is super annoying to Rooster. But, I think I need to do it. The night after our May crowning I felt compelled to say a decade before bed. I felt better afterwards. The following night I was sitting with GH. Just as I thought how silly it was for me to think I needed to say the rosary GH started making snake noises. Totally freaked me out.

Back on subject......the thing I love about Roosters artwork is that she still draws stick figures so I always look skinny in her pictures:D

The best part of waking up is....

your big sister giving you a cookie:)