Friday, June 4, 2010


We took the kids bowling this morning. Despite the look on GH's face in this photo, they did have a good time.

GH liked his bowling shoes and was stomping around in them. He kept wanting to go up and bowl. He doesn't understand taking turns yet. But maybe he was throwing fits to throw Captain Awesome and I off of our game. He's quite cunning for a two year old:D

Rooster found the perfect bowling ball. This ball helped her keep her rather large score lead. (You might have noticed. Rooster is about to loose her front two teeth. Stay tuned...)

Rooster was sort of a hot shot as she pretty much crushed the competition. She had a good showing...that's for sure.

Big Dog played really well. He really seemed to enjoy it.

The place was packed and he just kept looking around at all the cool stuff. I love this picture for some reason. But, I wish he didn't have that cut on his forehead.

GH ended up with the highest score. I don't think the score really matters so we don't need to discuss it;D Plus the kids got to use those gutter the scores are invalid:D

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