Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CCD probation and the religiously gifted

When I started to pray the rosary today I felt compelled to pray it for our goddaughter Lola. For some reason I decided that each day of the week is one of the kids in our family. My rosary intentions are as follows: Rooster/Sun, Big Dog/Mon, GH/Tues, Lola (goddaughter)/Wed, Charlie/Thurs, Spidermonkey (godson)/Fri, then Captain Awesome and I on Saturday. We aren't kids but we could use the help.

My SIL said that it's a good thing I am praying for Charlie and Lola. Lola hates church (what a coincidence Rooster is going through the same thing) and Charlie is on CCD probation. Don't worry he didn't do anything wrong. He's just the only kid in his grade and he was bumped up into an older class. So he is in some trial probationary period. So my SIL said that my prayer intentions should be to get him off of probation. My SIL said that the priest was worried that Charlie would get bored doing the same class two years in a row. But, my SIL assured him that she wasn't putting him in because she thought he was "religiously gifted" she just wanted him to be involved.
Anyway, each child has their own rosary that I will pray on their day of the week.

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