Monday, June 21, 2010

It's totally normal to wear a sombrero at the dinner table...

I took this picture when were traveling to see my in-laws on Fathers Day. It was raining hard but the kids didn't seem to mind. I did mind. I don't like driving in the rain that much. But, the kids looked out the window and enjoyed watching the rain for most of the trip. Big Dog looks like he's contemplating something pretty important. Whatever he was thinking of must have been pretty intense because he fell asleep a few minutes later:D

The kids enjoyed seeing Cousins Charlie and Lola. When we pulled up to the ranch Rooster yelled "Charlie get me out of the car". The kids spent time catching frogs. I didn't mind helping the kids spot the frogs. But, Cousin Charlie had to do all the catching. And he did quite well. He caught eight frogs. The kids whipped up an impressive habitat for the frogs. A large plastic tote with rocks water and dirt. During our frog hunt a few frogs escaped. So these frogs escaped incarceration at the POW camp....I mean the "habitat". We decided not to worry about the ones that got away. Since they were so cunning they deserved their freedom:D

Big Dog enjoyed looking for frogs. I only have a few photos without Charlie and Lola in them. So it kind of narrows down the number of photos I can use. But, I think this one of Big Dog is my favorite. He was really enjoying the tall grass.

Big Dog jumping;D

When we came home we had Subway for dinner. Big Dog is always coming to the table wearing a sombrero. I don't know if he thinks he has to dress up for dinner or what;)

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