Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Rooster Art Study

Rooster says that this is an ant carrying a pineapple.

This is a frowning sun that Rooster made at school. She thinks it's funny. So I hung it up in her room.

This is a picture she drew this week. She said it was me praying the rosary. You might notice that I'm kneeling and I have my rosary. Yes, I'm praying the rosary everyday. This is super annoying to Rooster. But, I think I need to do it. The night after our May crowning I felt compelled to say a decade before bed. I felt better afterwards. The following night I was sitting with GH. Just as I thought how silly it was for me to think I needed to say the rosary GH started making snake noises. Totally freaked me out.

Back on subject......the thing I love about Roosters artwork is that she still draws stick figures so I always look skinny in her pictures:D

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