Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rooster rides a bike

This was Roosters first time riding her big girl bike. The bike still has training wheels for now. Once she got the hang of it she went fast. So Captain Awesome was exhausted by the end of her lesson. She wasn't tired though. She told him, "I want to go fast dad".

Big Dog didn't want to be left out so he grabbed his bike and started riding up and down the alley too. It made me so happy to see him bringing his bike over.

The first time Rooster fell she just got a little cut. But by this point she looked exhausted. So Captain Awesome asked if she wanted to quit. She said "No daddy I want to keep going." Rooster also insisted that she needed a trophy;)

She did fall again at the end of the lesson. She scratched up her knee and it was bleeding. But, its amazing how a ice pack and a Popsicle can make everything better:)
In an unrelated story regarding Rooster.........
The other day Rooster had really bad behavior. So I deleted tv shows that she liked off of the DVR. When she realized that I also deleted the series recordings so they wouldn't record in the future she was peeved. I told her she could have them back after she proves that she can have better behaviors. (I made these decisions without my husbands knowledge because he was at work) So when he came home Rooster immediately told him how I had done her wrong;) She didn't even say hello to him. As soon as he walked through the door she said "Daddy, we have no George. We have no Sesame Street. And we have no Clifford."
Does someone have my trophy for being the meanest mommy ever? I'm waiting:)


  1. I believe I have the trophy right now. Sam got no computer time for a whole week because he lied to me repeatedly. But his week is over now so I'll send the trophy to you!

  2. My sister in law thinks she deserves the title too:D


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