Monday, June 28, 2010

She needs to see a priest

The kids had their good moments today. Rooster buckled her brothers into the wagon for the trip to the park. GH and Big Dog jumped into the pool a few times. Rooster and Big Dog did get a lot of "school work" done (Two full hours worth). But, most of the day was awful. To put it simply I should have known better than to leave the house. When things start off that rough...well the chances of it getting better are pretty slim.

I commented to my neighbor Rosemary that we had been having a rough day. I told her I suspected that I was giving my kids so much to do that they feel entitled to it. Instead of being grateful for all the things I do for them. They think that it's nothing and are disobedient and disagreeable just because. She said that its a child's nature to be greedy etc and its our job to correct this issue. I think she is right....well, I know shes right. When Rosemary asked Rooster what happened today Rooster said something to the effect that "I was naughty. So I need to go talk to the priest." I didn't tell her she needed to go to talk to the priest. Although I'm glad the Catholic guilt is starting to kick in;)

My kids are finally asleep and I thank God for that. I don't think I could have taken another hour of them screaming in my ears. Have you ever wanted to yell back at your kids? Well I did today....not just wanted to yell at them I did. So I guess mommy needs to go see the priest too:(

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  1. We're having a day like that too. The kids wore out my patience and I spanked Thomas because I thought he bit Julia. Turns out he closed the door on her hand. He should have been more careful and I should have listened first. Hope your day is going better.


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