Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Smarty Pants Institute is now in session

One of my best garage sale finds during our local city wide garage sale was a box of file folder games/lessons. A teacher sold a whole box of them to me for $5. I won't be able to use some of them for a few years but they are great! They are all neat and much better than the ones I make. Anyway, we worked on synonyms. I can't even pronounce synonyms I probably should even attempt to teach them:D

Rooster has been doing awesome with her sight words so we are adding more sight words. We are also working with word families. I only have a few sets made out but I'm hoping to do some more soon. Today she read three level one books to me. Usually she only reads one. I guess she was feeling ambitious today;) I am very impressed with the progress she is making in reading. I had the hardest time learning to read. But, she doesn't seem to be struggling as much as I did:) Rooster is doing about 8 pages of activities from her work binder a day. When we practiced writing our names today I decided to print out my whole name (first, middle, Confirmation, maiden-married) Rooster looked at the name and said, "Mommy, you need a period at the end of that". I said, "Why because its long like a sentence?" She then laughed and said "Yes, mommy like a long sentence." Rooster is looking forward to summer activities she sounded like a tv announcer when we were in the car the other day she shouted, "Its time for Ruzenka's great adventures!" Anyway....................

I thought Big Dog would be happy doing 6 or 7 pages in his binder. After all, I didn't want to burn him out over the summer. But, he was MAD when I put his binder away. So Captain Awesome says he gets to work in his binders until he's tired of it. I can see where Big Dog is coming from. Rooster gets a lot more time to work on stuff with reading and sight words....which are things he can't do yet.

Even GH has a binder. He had ate animal crackers at the table while the other kids did their binder work. When they were done they all went outside. When I called GH to come in he didn't want to come in (today was the first day I made him work in his binder) When I opened it up and he saw that it was Elmo he decided that it might not be so bad:D Rooster insisted on helping GH with his work after he and I completed his mandatory two pages:D Rooster was a little annoyed by him just coloring all over his binder. But, she did encourage him to practice writing his name with mom. GH looked like he enjoyed it.
The kids have enjoyed their trips to the park and pool this summer. But, it's also nice to take it easy and hang out at home.

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