Saturday, July 31, 2010

let it be as you, not I, would have it.

I found this print at a local thrift store. I fell in love with it and placed it in my foyer where I could see it a million times a day. I am an overwhelmed little soul who needs constant encouragement. I wish that weren't the case. But, that's where I am.

I have found so much comfort in this constant and beautiful reminder. I have always been moved when meditating upon this sorrowful mystery when praying the rosary. But, it's different when you have the constant reminder throughout the day.

John Wayne on Liberty, Freedom, and the Role of Government


A few days ago I used a bunch of stretchy frogs, lizards, spiders, worms in a sensory box. Well they didn't stay in the sensory box for long. I discovered this in a not so pleasant way. The first morning I decided to sneak some goldfish crackers (Don't act as if you've never done this before). I wasn't looking in the container because I was busy talking to one of the kids. I reached in and felt something that did not have the texture of a goldfish cracker. Icky! Today I found a yellow stretchy lizard in the tortilla chips. Yeah Rooster....hardy har har.

Rooster is having a ball throwing them so they stick to the ceiling.

Todays in flight snack


The ABC Stair case


Friday, July 30, 2010

Learn some boundaries kid

Every mother has witnessed this....

You just want five minutes away from your children to go to the bathroom. The kids are now happily watching Curious George so you decide to make a break for it. Your children are an endless pit of you need to get while the gettin is good:D
Before you have time to even sit yourself down in your oval office the kiddos start pounding on the doors, screaming in desperation, and even disturbingly shoving their little fingers under the door frantically trying to grab for you. They must realize they cant actually grab you from under the door, or kick the door down like a ninja. I imagine even they know it's all for show. This works as a wonderful guilt trip when used against parents like myself. I thought my children has some serious boundary issues until our last bowling excursion.
Big Dog and I needed to use the restroom. So I said out loud (which I seriously regret) that we were going to the bathroom. This boy about 8 years old starts running in front of us. Saying "The bathroom is over here." I said "Oh I see the sign. Thank you". That wasn't good enough for that kid. He said "You come in here" and he opened the door. I said "Thanks." He told me to go into one of the stalls and close the door before we went potty. I told him "Thanks, I know how to use the restroom." He said "You have to pull down your pants then sit down". I said "Listen I know how to use the restroom so you can go now". Then the kid started gabbering about God knows what. I'm trying not to laugh. I'm thinking to myself, my kids would probably try something weird like this in a few years. But, I'm attentive enough that it would not go this far. Where is this kids parents? So one part of me was trying not to laugh and the other part of me wanted to scream at him and say "WTH kid. I don't want you listening to me pee!" I know...I'm super mature. But, you had to be there. Anyway, he tells us to make sure to flush. When we got out of the stall he was holding one of those hand washing instruction posters. He told me "This is how you are suppose to wash your hands." I told him "Thank you but I know how to wash my hands." After we were done washing our hands I hurried Big Dog away from this child of the corn.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A very very very very very long parade

An hour and a half for a parade just seems excessive to me. I guess this is further proof that I'm am old. Rooster and GH could have watched the parade all night. Then they would have been able to fill their bag full of candy. Rooster kept looking inside to see how much she had. She always seemed to think there was more room in that bag for more candy. She had a hard time concentrating on anything but getting more candy. I was a little surprised that when we got home she ate a few pieces of candy then she asked for an apple:D I'd like to think this is because of my superior parenting.....but, I think she's just a master manipulator.

I suppose the parade was so long because every group under the sun showed up. Its an election year so the Governor and his opponent showed up. Now some people might be impressed that the Governor showed up. But he wasn't the highlight. This guy was the highlight.

Smokey the Bear was there and he was calling people out.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

freckled faced, red headed ought to know

Aunt Crystal picked another winner. She got this DVD for Roosters birthday. We all sat down and watched it together. IT WAS AWESOME!:D

I don't remember this movie. But, I know I have seen a Pippy movie before. Rooster says she wants more Pippy movies. So I have to do some research and whatnot.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Big Day with Big Dog

Rooster spent the day at a friends house. She had a blast and didn't want to come home:) With one attention hog out of the way. All I needed to do was put our other attention hog down for a nap. Then I could finally have one on one time with my Big Dog. He hardly knew what to do with my undivided attention. He messed around for a while. Then he got down to business. I don't know what I was trying to prove with this sensory box...I guess that I can throw a bunch of random crap into a box and insist that it is a sensory box;D This one had poker chips, felt numbers and a bunch of rubbery insect toys. It was an interesting combination of textures.

I started a pattern for him. Placing a toothpick on every dot. He decided to go in the opposite direction every other dot. Then he changed the pattern when he reached the bottom.

We spelled his name with my kitchen bad it's not because its clean:D

He also used our Bingo markers for a while.
Then he blew pom pom puffs across the table. He did better when he didn't use the straw. But, Big Dog wanted to make sure he got some use out of the straw. My Big Dog is silly.

I just love this picture

Inventory time for the future grocers of America

Happy Birthday Clifford

A few weeks ago Rooster wrote on the calendar that July 26th was Cliffords birthday. I picked up this cute little mint chocolate cake at Captain Awesomes store. It was delicious:) I'm so glad we didn't miss his birthday.

Pictures from Roosters b-day party

Rooster and Captain Awesome picked out this ice cream cake at our local DQ. She loved her cake:) She put the candles in it. After we were done singing Happy Birthday to her she made sure that her guests got slices of cake before she ate any. Isn't that sweet? What a good little hostess:)

I told Liz that it's a good thing our boys will go to different schools.....they could get into a lot of trouble together:)
Nothing puts a smile on my face like smashing a smiley sun to death.
I love this picture of Big Dog. It looks like he's contemplating which piece of pinata candy he will eat next:)

GH loved his party hat.

A bunch of princesses.


Friday, July 23, 2010

A little FYI

This blogger, previously nicknamed "The Krazy Girl" was told by her daughter "Mommy you are really boring." ME??? BORING?! Well I guess that's what happens when you have kids:)

The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math

Rick knows I love a good documentary now and then. We currently have HBO so he taped Lucky for me. It's a documentary exploring life of lottery winners.

My mom always says that "The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math." Then she reminds me that I had to take Statistics three times in college;D I have many flaws but excessive gambling isn't one of them. But, I still take this advice to heart.

You are far more likely to get struck by lightening than to win the lottery. However, I think either would probably kill me. Lightening would kill me for obvious reasons. But, if I won the lottery I'd probably die of a heart attack from the sheer shock of it. So every time I play Power ball I am risking my life! Don't worry though....I think the odds indicate that I will be ok:D

Anyway, I really like this documentary:) One of the comments that struck me the most was that character flaws are magnified when you win a huge jackpot. I of course loved the couple from Nebraska that won. It seemed to me that their loving character was made more obvious. I think that they are truly good souls:) I smiled everytime there was a clip of them.

Bowling with Lobsters

We met the Lobsters for bowling.

Poor GH. These are heavier than they look.

GH was a source of encouragement for a little while. He would clap for people. Then he had a fit of terrible twos:(
My behavior intervention included a time out. But, Aunt Shel had the most effective behavior intervention.....M&M's:D

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

My kids don't get kool-aid much. But, when we have medicine to take they get their medicine in kool-aid. It's so much easier than fighting them. Rooster just grins when dad says, "Look Mom made you some kool-aid." She knows what I'm doing. And even though I'm pretty clever she has caught me chopping up her chewable antibiotics. When she caught me she told me that she wants to do it from now on.'s one less thing I have to do:D

It's no Slap Chop but it does the job.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Catholic Icing going Protestant?

So I saw this idea on Catholic Icing. My first thought was "What? Umm that's so anti-Catholic teaching. You are making a representation of the body and blood of Christ. This is a big no no." Isn't this the exact thing we are trying to fight? *Catholics beleive that the wine and bread are changed into the blood and body of Christ during Communion. We take John 6:48 very seriously. So I was thinking this snack makes light of the if we are symbolically making a snack of crackers and juice. See where Im coming from? I'm sure even my Protestant friends can see why I'm all messed up.....even if they do think I'm just being silly:)

I kept thinking about it....and thinking about it....its a cute kids are too young to take the Sacrament......its not presenting this snack in any type of ceremony.....why do I keep coming back to this site? Why do I keep thinking about this cute snack.........Its just a snack, not Communion......ok Ill make them...Oh I have to tell Lacy....ok they turned out cute..ooohh they taste great too.....but I don't want to take them to our Catholic neighbors they would think I have lost my mind......they are tasty...Oh dear Jesus forgive me for being a complete flake

I don't need you anyway............

Well everyone in the blog-o-sphere is scrambling because thecutestblogontheblock is deleting quite a few of their blog backgrounds. I don't know why but, at least they put warnings in their codes so everyone got the message.....well everyone who checks their blogs regularly.

The only problem I have is that I can't get onto their site to get a new code. So I'm just going to use BlogBlings now. At least I can get on their site:)

You might be asking yourself, "Is this little drama worth a blog post?" I would only respond by saying, "Yes, why do you think it's on the blog?"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tour of Parks - Fisher Fountain

One of the most enjoyable things of my childhood was going to Fisher Fountain. It seems that I was there a lot during the summer with my mom. We must have gone about once a week. I loved that place. So when we decided to stay the night in Hastings we knew that we should take the kids to see the "magical fountain".

The kids loved the fountain!
Big Dog wanted a closer look....that's why he had to stay with Captain Awesome:D Big Dog was thinking about going over the fence. We caught him testing the perimeter:D He's actually getting quite good at looking in one direction while he's doing something else. The other evening at dinner is a good example. He was turned smiling at his dad while at the same time stealing chips off his sisters plate while she was talking to me:O Anyway, there is the trickster with Captain Awesome.

GH did not want to leave.

But we had to get back to "the castle" to get some sleep.

If I have time tomorrow I will post videos from our trip.

Tour of Parks - Lincoln Park

Big Dog loves climbing up slides and going down rock walls. He's a complex little boy:)

My mother got Rooster a bunch of Dick and Jane reproduction Level One Readers. She was very impressed with Roosters progress in reading. Rooster is a quiet I'm not sure my mom heard everything...but, she played along:) Rooster was happy to show grandma what she has learned. My mother said that Rooster is way ahead of what I could do at that age.

Big Dog got filthy....
Rooster pushed GH in the swing and had a blast. I had believed that GH had a swinging sensory issue. Captain Awesome pointed out that he does swing on equipment but only on his terms. I guess he was right...GH just does what GH wants.

Tour of Parks--Heartwell Park

Rooster and GH chased ducks all over the park. The kids kept throwing bread at the ducks hoping they would eat it. But, these ducks think they are too good for bread. Big Dog didn't do to much chasing. Captain Awesome had to chase him down once. So Big Dog had to stay with Captain Awesome. After a few minutes Captain Awesome asked if he would be good if he let him go feed the ducks again. Big Dog said "No." At least he's honest:D

We saw a bunch of duck eggs. GH tried to get to them. So when I blocked him a few times he threw himself on the ground and said "I sad".....this is his new way of manipulating me.
When Rooster was a baby we use to bring her to this park. One day she was looking up into the branches of these huge trees and had such a look of amazement on her face that I decided that I would start photographing her at "her tree". So every once in a while I snap a picture of her next to her tree.

important landmarks