Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Rooster

Today we are going to Hastings to visit my mom. So we did a little birthday party for Rooster last night. She was very disappointed that her friends weren't there but I told her maybe we could have them down later in the week. Rooster helped make her dream cake;)The horns were a big hit. Our neighbor who had just got back from tubing the Platte came by during our festivities.....I'm sure the tooting horns were pleasant to him in his exhausted and dehydrated state. Oh well, this is how we roll.
We ate cake and ice cream then it was time for presents. This Zhu Zhu pet supervised our children for a good 45 minutes. God bless you Krimsin! After unwrapping presents we enjoyed using the new snow cone machine Aunt Shell got Rooster - delicious.

Maybe we should have had a second take;)

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