Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We took the kids to see fireworks tonight. The kids had a blast. Three years ago I was convinced we would never be able to celebrate the Fourth of July like everyone else. Big Dog and Rooster couldn't stand fireworks at all. Last year they did pretty well. But, the kids had a great time this year. I must be old or something because I actually cried I was so happy.

We found a nice church parking lot about two blocks away from the fireworks. The kids happily sat on the lawn chairs and blanket eating their ice cream cones and pop-corn. I'm sure the fireworks were great and all. But, I didn't really watch the fireworks because I was enjoying the smiles on the kids faces:) Big Dog thought the fireworks were "fantastic." Rooster decided that the fireworks with blue in them were the best. And GH was the most animated in his responses. He would stand up when the fireworks went off. He would shout "Oh no," "Wow" or "Whoa" as he covered his mouth with his hands. Then he would sit down in his lawn chair and start the process again:)

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  1. Mine was cheering when the neighbors chair almost started on fire from a stray "legal" firework. lol Glad they had a blast!


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