Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Catholic Icing going Protestant?

So I saw this idea on Catholic Icing. My first thought was "What? Umm that's so anti-Catholic teaching. You are making a representation of the body and blood of Christ. This is a big no no." Isn't this the exact thing we are trying to fight? *Catholics beleive that the wine and bread are changed into the blood and body of Christ during Communion. We take John 6:48 very seriously. So I was thinking this snack makes light of the if we are symbolically making a snack of crackers and juice. See where Im coming from? I'm sure even my Protestant friends can see why I'm all messed up.....even if they do think I'm just being silly:)

I kept thinking about it....and thinking about it....its a cute kids are too young to take the Sacrament......its not presenting this snack in any type of ceremony.....why do I keep coming back to this site? Why do I keep thinking about this cute snack.........Its just a snack, not Communion......ok Ill make them...Oh I have to tell Lacy....ok they turned out cute..ooohh they taste great too.....but I don't want to take them to our Catholic neighbors they would think I have lost my mind......they are tasty...Oh dear Jesus forgive me for being a complete flake


  1. It's okay for the snack to be a symbol as long as you understand that at Mass after the priest says the words of Consecration that the bread and wine are completely changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus and that this will obviously never happen to your snack. We played Mass with Better Cheddars when I was little and I only have sisters so we had a female priest to top it off! :)

  2. thats totally scandleous lisa:D

    I guess I do remember people saying that they practiced I guess its ok. Im just a big weirdo:)


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