Friday, July 30, 2010

Learn some boundaries kid

Every mother has witnessed this....

You just want five minutes away from your children to go to the bathroom. The kids are now happily watching Curious George so you decide to make a break for it. Your children are an endless pit of you need to get while the gettin is good:D
Before you have time to even sit yourself down in your oval office the kiddos start pounding on the doors, screaming in desperation, and even disturbingly shoving their little fingers under the door frantically trying to grab for you. They must realize they cant actually grab you from under the door, or kick the door down like a ninja. I imagine even they know it's all for show. This works as a wonderful guilt trip when used against parents like myself. I thought my children has some serious boundary issues until our last bowling excursion.
Big Dog and I needed to use the restroom. So I said out loud (which I seriously regret) that we were going to the bathroom. This boy about 8 years old starts running in front of us. Saying "The bathroom is over here." I said "Oh I see the sign. Thank you". That wasn't good enough for that kid. He said "You come in here" and he opened the door. I said "Thanks." He told me to go into one of the stalls and close the door before we went potty. I told him "Thanks, I know how to use the restroom." He said "You have to pull down your pants then sit down". I said "Listen I know how to use the restroom so you can go now". Then the kid started gabbering about God knows what. I'm trying not to laugh. I'm thinking to myself, my kids would probably try something weird like this in a few years. But, I'm attentive enough that it would not go this far. Where is this kids parents? So one part of me was trying not to laugh and the other part of me wanted to scream at him and say "WTH kid. I don't want you listening to me pee!" I know...I'm super mature. But, you had to be there. Anyway, he tells us to make sure to flush. When we got out of the stall he was holding one of those hand washing instruction posters. He told me "This is how you are suppose to wash your hands." I told him "Thank you but I know how to wash my hands." After we were done washing our hands I hurried Big Dog away from this child of the corn.

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