Monday, July 12, 2010

random stuff

Roosters birthday party is this week. For weeks I've been trying to get her to pick a theme. Looking through party magazines, trips to the party supply stores and to bakery's has not helped Rooster select a theme. I did get her to agree to use the color red. Hey its a start.

So the other day I took her to a grocery store bakery in another town. I figured if she found a sheet cake she liked I would grab it and freeze it for her. She didn't find a cute cartoon cake. But, she found a wedding cake that she really liked. It looks very similar to this......

I guess it truly is the only cake worthy of Roosters birthday:D The one she wanted didn't have fancy icing on the side (Thank the Lord) But, the bottom tier had alternating silk roses of red and white. I picked up some silk flowers from the Dollar Store so that shouldn't be too hard to replicate. And I was able to negotiate Rooster down to two tiers since her party isn't going to be that big.

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  1. Ha Ha, that's what you get!!! I'm making Dino Cupcakes. He's only having 4 kiddos, three if we get rained out Wednesday...Have fun with the party for Rooster!!!!!!


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