Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tour of Parks - Fisher Fountain

One of the most enjoyable things of my childhood was going to Fisher Fountain. It seems that I was there a lot during the summer with my mom. We must have gone about once a week. I loved that place. So when we decided to stay the night in Hastings we knew that we should take the kids to see the "magical fountain".

The kids loved the fountain!
Big Dog wanted a closer look....that's why he had to stay with Captain Awesome:D Big Dog was thinking about going over the fence. We caught him testing the perimeter:D He's actually getting quite good at looking in one direction while he's doing something else. The other evening at dinner is a good example. He was turned smiling at his dad while at the same time stealing chips off his sisters plate while she was talking to me:O Anyway, there is the trickster with Captain Awesome.

GH did not want to leave.

But we had to get back to "the castle" to get some sleep.

If I have time tomorrow I will post videos from our trip.

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