Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tour of Parks--Heartwell Park

Rooster and GH chased ducks all over the park. The kids kept throwing bread at the ducks hoping they would eat it. But, these ducks think they are too good for bread. Big Dog didn't do to much chasing. Captain Awesome had to chase him down once. So Big Dog had to stay with Captain Awesome. After a few minutes Captain Awesome asked if he would be good if he let him go feed the ducks again. Big Dog said "No." At least he's honest:D

We saw a bunch of duck eggs. GH tried to get to them. So when I blocked him a few times he threw himself on the ground and said "I sad".....this is his new way of manipulating me.
When Rooster was a baby we use to bring her to this park. One day she was looking up into the branches of these huge trees and had such a look of amazement on her face that I decided that I would start photographing her at "her tree". So every once in a while I snap a picture of her next to her tree.

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