Thursday, July 29, 2010

A very very very very very long parade

An hour and a half for a parade just seems excessive to me. I guess this is further proof that I'm am old. Rooster and GH could have watched the parade all night. Then they would have been able to fill their bag full of candy. Rooster kept looking inside to see how much she had. She always seemed to think there was more room in that bag for more candy. She had a hard time concentrating on anything but getting more candy. I was a little surprised that when we got home she ate a few pieces of candy then she asked for an apple:D I'd like to think this is because of my superior parenting.....but, I think she's just a master manipulator.

I suppose the parade was so long because every group under the sun showed up. Its an election year so the Governor and his opponent showed up. Now some people might be impressed that the Governor showed up. But he wasn't the highlight. This guy was the highlight.

Smokey the Bear was there and he was calling people out.

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