Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unsolicited Advice from Kristi...oh you're welcome!

1) Never ask God, "What's gonna go wrong next?" He won't make you wait long to find out.

2) Be fruitful and multiply. Don't worry about the bills. You can always get a reality show on TLC.

Our Life in Sketches (Narcissism, Antagonism, and Mystery Solved)

And two out of three involve Big Dog. What a suprise!:D

Look what I got for $1.25!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The reasons why I truly appreciate my husbands friends

Captain Awesome is a bit of a sports junkie. Many might think that he loves his sports because its an escape from me. But, he loved sports long before he ever loved me:D And lets be honest, I'm delightful. Who would want to escape me and my nagging?:D

I appreciate the fact that he can call up his friends and talk sports for an hour. This saves an hour of my time that he would have been talking to me about sports. I love my husband but he can go on and on about sports. And I really don't have a clue what he's talking about. So it's not like I can really engage in a conversation that he would find rewarding.

And it's not just about my lack of knowledge when it comes to sports. I truly don't have the passion other people have. I can go to a game and cheer. But, I just don't get all the hype. What I mean is that its the players team....not mine. I don't have the sense of ownership real fans have. So I can be disappointed but it doesn't really ruin my week. Unless it ruins Captain Awesomes week...then I kind of care because I have to deal with the attitude:D

In the last season of the Callahan era Captain Awesome ended up breaking two remotes. The first remote he busted against the wall after a series of bad plays (yeah, I'm sure that narrows it down for ya:D) And the second one he snapped in half because of another bad play in a different game.

Now, I may not understand this passion but Captain Awesomes friends do. Luckily, they will  all be down for a card party for the season opening Western Kentucky game. I plan to make them a buffet of treats. Then I'm taking the kids to Boingz. I will let Captain Awesome and his awesome friends have the house. I'm just grateful I don't have to be anywhere near this spectacle:D

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day Two, Sick Day and Why I won't drown today.....

So today was suppose to be day two/hairstyle two with the base of this style. However, Rooster got sick before she got to her class. I wonder if that means I can reuse this style since no one but the secretary and nurse saw it? (BTW--Not to brag, but I'm going to;D) They loved her hair and said they are in amazement of her different hairdos everyday. That definitely cheered us both up:D

Rooster wanted to come home and eat some chicken noodle soup. So right now Rooster is watching some Electric Company and eating soup and crackers. Even when she's sick she is still sweet......she shared her crackers with GH:)

So my plans to go lap swimming today fell through today since the Rooster got sick. I suppose that means I need to hit the treadmill now. But, at least I won't drown on a treadmill:D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Name Day Rooster

We made cupcakes in ice cream cones. Captain Awesome and Rooster really enjoyed them:)

I hope I won't drown

I made a pretty good deal with Liz. I will give her son Timmy swim lessons once a week. And in turn she will watch GH once a week so I can go swim laps. I haven't swam laps since Rooster was a baby. So that's over five years ago.  

Here's a picture of the boys before their first swim lesson together. Aren't they cutie pies?

Little hunchbacks:)
Boys making noise:D

For the First 100 Days of School

For each day of school I plan on doing a different hairstyle for Rooster. You may be thinking there is no way I can do 100 different hairstyles. I'm definitely not known for being a girly girl. However, I did find this awesome blog. And that blog links to lots of other hairstyle blogs. So now I have lots of ideas to work with. Each blog does a really good job at explaining how to do each hairstyle. (Look in my blog roll for links to all these awesome blogs)

 I won't lie, I've had a few hairstyle flops. But, Rooster says her teachers and all her classmates love her hairstyles. So even though I'm not perfect, I'm still doing pretty good:)

This is a basic weave. I'm using the base of this hairstyle on two separate days. This is day one:

From the back
From the front:

Big Dogs First Day of Preschool

He was very excited this morning:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At least she is honest......

 If I didn't read through all of Roosters school work I might have missed this gem:D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fancy blanket

GH fell asleep on a couch cushion that had been left on the floor. Rooster decided he needed a blanket. And a dishtowel was just the right size:)

Happy Birthday to You.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Activities and ramblings

I did a lot of organizing today. And the kids did a lot of activities. The boys use these cards to understand values. Rooster is using them in complicated mathematical addition problems.
GH did not like the puzzles. But, he did recognize the Goldfish packaging:D He thought this pirate themed sensory box was lame too. I really liked this sensory box. But, its not about me...it's about the consumer.
I gave Big Dog a bottle with the letters of his name and told him to make a word. He sounded it out for me as he did it:)
Rooster sorted some random metal hardware. GH tried to make a call on a stamp pad. Look at how tired and sad he looks. This was my first indication that he was sick:( He went to bed early tonight. He is a wreck and has a temp. Pray for my sweet baby.
Big Dog enjoyed the pouring activity for about 30 seconds.
GH loved sorting Legos by color. He even self corrected when he made mistakes.
Today GH said his biggest sentence that I can remember. He was going out to the backyard and he said, "See you later ma, bye bye"

Big Dog was up to his regular shenanigans. While he was watching tv he saw a teeter totter was being used. You know the typical teeter totter routine where two people are on the see saw. Then one is sent into orbit. So Big Dog goes to the backyard and brings in our teeter totter. He put it by the coffee table and of course Rooster and GH jump onto the side where two can sit. Then Big Dog carefully jumps off the coffee table onto the teeter totter. He must have been aware that there was some element of danger involved in this activity. Big Dog did get hurt a few times during the day. But,  luckily no one was sent into orbit:)

Mr. Popular

Captain Awesome picked up some tickets last night.

Its the feast day of Pope Pius X

Many biographers have said that Pope Pius X died of a broken heart. So for our activity Rooster helped sew up a felt heart. I did a post on my pope blog if you are interested.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Facebook our new source for drama

Since Rick and I have probably seen every episode of Saved by the Bell and 90210 we need another source of drama....enter Facebook. Everyone has a few friends on Facebook that live really exciting lives. If you don't have any of these friends I suggest you get some. They are interesting if not awesome! And I really look forward to reading about all the excitement in their lives. It's seriously like a teen drama.
For us logging onto Facebook always means something is gonna go down.

Things GH has been doing.....

In the morning he will tell me "Hi, Mom" then he will run over to the turtle aquarium and say "hi" to Donatello. At least I still have higher billing than the turtle.

GH loves looking through his Fruit and Veggie Alphabet book. He smacks his lips and says yummy. Now if I could get the kid to eat a few Cheetos, he might put on a little weight.

Speaking of weight GH did gain some weight. He is officially on the charts. I don't know where he is on the chart for sure. But I think he hit his goal weight so I think he is in the 5% range...but, at least he's on the chart:D

At bedtime he will tap everyone on the nose and say "I love you"

He is driving his trucks on the wall.

He takes towels and throws them over his head so he looks like a ghost. I don't think he knows what a ghost is but, he likes to mimick what Rooster does.

GH also likes to mimick Big Dog. He thinks its hillarious when Big Dog pees into the toilet. And I have caught him trying after he watches Big Dog. GH will lift up his shirt stick out his belly and laugh.

GH likes musical chairs even though I'm not certain he understands the game.

He is suprising me with lots of new words and phrases. Im so suprised when he picks out cereal saying "That one".

Big Dog edits more stuff

This time Big Dog edited the Wahoo Public Elementary Handbook. I suppose it's because the handbook contained a lot of unnecessary rules;) I think it's funny that he was editing the VANDALISM section when I caught him:D

because I only post the classiest stuff:D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Roosters First Day of First Grade

Rooster was very excited this morning. GH was very upset when he realized he wasn't going with. He kept bringing me his shoes and socks. When she left he cried:(

Rooster says she loves her new classroom, teachers and friends:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Life in Sketches

Well if you thought my sketches were bad before hold onto your hat because I might have outdone myself:D

This sketch is from an event earlier today. We had some friends over and we were reading a Curious George book. Big Dog isn't an attention freak or anything. But, I think it annoyed him that I was not focused on him. So he went to the kitchen and pulled a small bucket of tomatoes off of the counter. Then he brought them into the living room and started rolling them under the couch we were sitting in.

so awesome

Monday, August 16, 2010

I gotta say today was a good day.

Ice Cube has nothin on us:D

We had a really good day which basically means no huge fits and everything went well. I got my three mile walk and rosaries done early. We dropped off some donations, filled up the car, went to the park.....look at my little guys:) This was the first time they actually stayed on the tire swing:)

Then we went to the library. I found some good stuff at the bookstore. I especially like the book Underwear Do's and Don'ts:)

We had leftover Chinese for lunch. Then went to the dentist office. The kids had no cavities. HOORAY! Then we went to the pool. The kids didn't create some huge scene when we left which was quite a relief. While we were at the pool Rooster wanted me to throw her into the water. After I threw her a few times I said I wasn't very strong and couldn't keep doing it. She told me "Mommy you are a strong Carlson" This sounds like something Captain Awesome would say:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Baptismal Anniversary Rooster

Rooster insisted on an angel food cake with frosting and sprinkles.

I want to send out a special thanks to Liz for letting me borrow her angel food cake pan. You saved the day:)

Assumption of Mary

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. During Father F's homily he was discussing how people get confused with Assumption and Ascension. There is a difference and it can be noted in ASL. I found this nice ASL online dictionary where you can see the sign for Ascension and the Assumption of Mary.

But, my favorite description of the Assumption of Mary comes from Lacy at Catholic Icing. "FYI- Jesus Ascended into heaven. Mary was Assumed into heaven. Hence the "Ascension of Jesus" and the "Assumption of Mary". Guess Jesus could do it on his own, and Mary was abducted alien style. Ok, only kidding about the 'alien abduction' part."That's just hilarious:D Anyway, I got Assumption coloring pages from a link on Catholic Icing. GH did this coloring page. Don't be disappointed if your two year old doesn't color this well. He truly has a gift from God:D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Name Day Big Dog

Big Dog future Editor in Chief

This whole book is crap as far as Big Dog is concerned.

I had to hide all of Roosters Level Reader books because Big Dog is editing everything he can get his hands on. Tracking down all the loose pencils and crayons around our home will be a challenge.

Friday, August 13, 2010


In the event of a Zombie Apocalyptic invasion I have a 59% chance of survival according to an on-line quiz. This seems like real positive news to me:D

The Electric Company

The kids love The Electric Company and Between the Lions. How lucky for me:) Now I don't have to feel quite as bad when I put the kiddos in front of the tv.

I have to admit I kind of like The Electric Company too. I especially love Manny. Rooster and I love his songs. (He is one of the pranksters aka villains) We sit and laugh together as he pulls shenanigans against the goody two shoes Electric Company kids. Who doesn't like a trouble maker? Even though Manny probably belongs in a juvenile detention center, he has nestled himself into our hearts.

I have made an honest attempt to find videos of him online that I can embed but no such luck. I suppose they don't want to glamorize the Manny character too much. So here is a video of some goody two shoes....It's actually pretty good. Hopefully, Krimsin won't pass out from all the hippieness:D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Turtle Feeding Time

Sunday, August 8, 2010

11th Anniversary

He's put up with me for 11 years. The least I could do for him was to make him a cake.

Pictures from the 76th Annual Carlson Picnic

Balloons are fun.....if someone else has to clean them up. Crystal, am I right, or am I right?

Special time with grandma

Time with Aunt Crystal = chocolate cupcake
Cousin Misty kept the kiddos entertained with games.

You see the heavy piece of machinery behind Big Dog. Yeah...so did he. I had to pull him off that thing a few times. He was a live wire today. (running out the doors, and climbing the garage door. I think we have been on the road too much this week...he has a lot of energy)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Czech out this post

Today we went to Wilber for the Czech festival. Rooster enjoyed the water fountain.

She met a princess.
Big Dog got a new hat.......

When I bought him this hat I told him that sometimes the feathers represented how many girlfriends a boy has had. I told him that this hat meant he was a total player. He laughed. I'm sure he has no idea what that means. But, then again maybe he does. He showed off some mad skills with the ladies while I wasn't watching. Apparently Big Dog kept dropping his fan in front of women who my husband said were "lookers". The ladies would bend down and get the fan for him and he would smile at them. (We'll have to keep an eye on this child for sure)
Anyway, I took Rooster up close to the dancers. She wasn't super impressed so we left. As we left I told a lady "I name the child Ruzenka in hopes that she would be a little Czech princess....but, no such luck...hahaha" The lady said "Oh yes she will" We will see... we still might have a chance. I asked her if she wanted to dance next year and she said no at first. Then she told me later that she did want to dance. I told her that just because I wanted to dance when I was a little girl doesn't mean she has to. And that we could talk about it later if she still wants to do it. But in all honesty I hope she wants to dance next year:)