Saturday, August 21, 2010

Activities and ramblings

I did a lot of organizing today. And the kids did a lot of activities. The boys use these cards to understand values. Rooster is using them in complicated mathematical addition problems.
GH did not like the puzzles. But, he did recognize the Goldfish packaging:D He thought this pirate themed sensory box was lame too. I really liked this sensory box. But, its not about's about the consumer.
I gave Big Dog a bottle with the letters of his name and told him to make a word. He sounded it out for me as he did it:)
Rooster sorted some random metal hardware. GH tried to make a call on a stamp pad. Look at how tired and sad he looks. This was my first indication that he was sick:( He went to bed early tonight. He is a wreck and has a temp. Pray for my sweet baby.
Big Dog enjoyed the pouring activity for about 30 seconds.
GH loved sorting Legos by color. He even self corrected when he made mistakes.
Today GH said his biggest sentence that I can remember. He was going out to the backyard and he said, "See you later ma, bye bye"

Big Dog was up to his regular shenanigans. While he was watching tv he saw a teeter totter was being used. You know the typical teeter totter routine where two people are on the see saw. Then one is sent into orbit. So Big Dog goes to the backyard and brings in our teeter totter. He put it by the coffee table and of course Rooster and GH jump onto the side where two can sit. Then Big Dog carefully jumps off the coffee table onto the teeter totter. He must have been aware that there was some element of danger involved in this activity. Big Dog did get hurt a few times during the day. But,  luckily no one was sent into orbit:)

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