Friday, August 6, 2010

Another zoo trip

My pictures aren't in order so bare with me here;D

GH and Big Dog loved the penguins. GH loved when they swam past him:)

My kids don't like to pose for pictures. But, if I stop trying to get pictures then they win. So I make them do it anyway. Its the principle of the thing.

Rooster loved the tapirs. We watched one drink water for a few minutes. Fascinating stuff:)

When we were at the aquarium we were watching really big fish in a big tank. But, GH kept pointing over at the little tanks and was screaming to go see them. So I took him over. He loved looking at these little tanks. I guess he is a little guy so that makes sense that he would like something little too:)

I was just so sad when we were watching the gorilla's. The male one just looked so I was glad when we left. I'm too much of a hippie to enjoy watching an animal that looks sad. Luckily we saw the mongooses on the way out of that building. I've never seen a sad looking mongoose.

Oh here is another aquarium picture. I told you it was a disorganized post.

Rooster found some goats that she could feed hay. Those goats have good temperaments. There were kids all over the place trying to pet them and feed them.

Rooster took some pictures too. Check them out on her blog.

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