Saturday, August 7, 2010

Czech out this post

Today we went to Wilber for the Czech festival. Rooster enjoyed the water fountain.

She met a princess.
Big Dog got a new hat.......

When I bought him this hat I told him that sometimes the feathers represented how many girlfriends a boy has had. I told him that this hat meant he was a total player. He laughed. I'm sure he has no idea what that means. But, then again maybe he does. He showed off some mad skills with the ladies while I wasn't watching. Apparently Big Dog kept dropping his fan in front of women who my husband said were "lookers". The ladies would bend down and get the fan for him and he would smile at them. (We'll have to keep an eye on this child for sure)
Anyway, I took Rooster up close to the dancers. She wasn't super impressed so we left. As we left I told a lady "I name the child Ruzenka in hopes that she would be a little Czech princess....but, no such luck...hahaha" The lady said "Oh yes she will" We will see... we still might have a chance. I asked her if she wanted to dance next year and she said no at first. Then she told me later that she did want to dance. I told her that just because I wanted to dance when I was a little girl doesn't mean she has to. And that we could talk about it later if she still wants to do it. But in all honesty I hope she wants to dance next year:)

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