Friday, August 13, 2010

The Electric Company

The kids love The Electric Company and Between the Lions. How lucky for me:) Now I don't have to feel quite as bad when I put the kiddos in front of the tv.

I have to admit I kind of like The Electric Company too. I especially love Manny. Rooster and I love his songs. (He is one of the pranksters aka villains) We sit and laugh together as he pulls shenanigans against the goody two shoes Electric Company kids. Who doesn't like a trouble maker? Even though Manny probably belongs in a juvenile detention center, he has nestled himself into our hearts.

I have made an honest attempt to find videos of him online that I can embed but no such luck. I suppose they don't want to glamorize the Manny character too much. So here is a video of some goody two shoes....It's actually pretty good. Hopefully, Krimsin won't pass out from all the hippieness:D

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