Monday, August 16, 2010

I gotta say today was a good day.

Ice Cube has nothin on us:D

We had a really good day which basically means no huge fits and everything went well. I got my three mile walk and rosaries done early. We dropped off some donations, filled up the car, went to the park.....look at my little guys:) This was the first time they actually stayed on the tire swing:)

Then we went to the library. I found some good stuff at the bookstore. I especially like the book Underwear Do's and Don'ts:)

We had leftover Chinese for lunch. Then went to the dentist office. The kids had no cavities. HOORAY! Then we went to the pool. The kids didn't create some huge scene when we left which was quite a relief. While we were at the pool Rooster wanted me to throw her into the water. After I threw her a few times I said I wasn't very strong and couldn't keep doing it. She told me "Mommy you are a strong Carlson" This sounds like something Captain Awesome would say:)

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