Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots of pictures from Two Rivers

We had fun at Two Rivers Rec Park this week. I loved watching the kids throw rocks into the lakes. Captain Awesome was showing off by skipping rocks. I could totally do that too.....I just don't like to show off;D

In our down time the kids found some interesting ways to entertain themselves. GH liked rolling batteries:)

GH was up before the sun. Thank God I packed the portable DVD machine. Choo Choo Soul helped keep him quiet until everyone else woke up.
Big Dog really enjoyed the opportunity to have so much space to ride his scooter.

We stayed in the cabooses again. Its better than a tent:) And the kids really do have a good time in them.
We spent a lot of time at the playgrounds.

More pictures of us hanging out.

hardy har har

The kids loved swimming. I made an awesome, make that two awesome sand castles. Both of which were destroyed by Big Dog the Hun.
After the destruction of beautiful castles nothing can quench your hunger like a tasty Goodrich ice cream.

Rooster went fishing three separate times with Captain Awesome. She is quite the little fisherman. She can cast and reel by herself. But, she hasn't caught anything yet:( She was somewhat disappointed. She had wanted to catch 100 fish and put them into a sandwich.

Captain Awesome was able to fix a broken fishing pole with a Bic pen shell and some duct tape.

The kids caught a lot of frogs. Rooster took one and threw him into the river because according to her that was his home. The frog was not washed downstream though....he was back on the sand in about three seconds. Phew!

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