Monday, August 2, 2010

My SIL sent me an email titled "TREAT"

I read the entire post on attire. At the risk of creating a religious ruckus, I shall quote my lifelong Catholic mother.

"God doesn't care what you are wearing as long as you are at church."

Whatcha think about that?


Well I responded by saying this.
"I don't think God cares if your outfit costs $5 or $5000....but, he cares if intentionally cause others to sin with lustful thoughts."

Of course God would not care if an actual streetwalker came into his house dressed in this manner because he would just be glad that the person showed up. However, most Americans have closets full of clothing. And have enough resources to purchase something that is appropriate to wear to Mass. If they do not have the resources I'm sure God would not mind if they came in ratty clothes that covered their bodies....or if they used their tithe money to properly clothe themselves:)

I once heard a lady on Catholic radio speaking of the need for modesty in society but especially at Mass. She pointed out if we were invited to an awards show we would rush out and buy a nice outfit so we would look appropriate. This is all well and good. But, our Lord is so much more important to impress than some Hollywood stars. If we truly believe that our Lord is in the Tabernacle and that we are there to be in Communion with him, why would we not show him the same effort we would show Brad Pitt? (who is in this bloggers opinion one of Gods most beautiful creations).

Ooohhh maybe Ill get lots of I'm all controversial or something:)

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  1. My SIL pointed out that her Catholics Come Home sign doesnt say "Catholics Come Home...but, dont come home dressed like streetwalkers." What can I say? Shes got me there:D


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