Monday, August 2, 2010

Perhaps illiteracy is a problem in the Catholic Church

Poor Father T every few weeks he is placing a subtle letter to the parisheners in the Sunday bulletin. Every time he points out that people especially women need to be dressing appropriately for Mass. This means you shouldn't come to Mass looking like a streetwalker. What is with these women? They come in tight fitting revealing clothing that are usually in some bright color. Why do you think no one is going to notice you? You are so distracting! And if you are a man this means you shouldn't wear sunglasses, and flip flops during Mass. Mass is not a music video or BBQ. You probably dress better when you go to work. How incredibly disrespectful of God.

Now I'm the Queen of having sassy shirts. I don't wear them to Mass.....but, I do wear them occasionally. So I suppose this post seems somewhat hypocritical of me. I have Goonies shirts, and my legendary "It's how Dew does diet" hooded sweatshirt that I wore to a moms group. I was told it was inappropriate by one of the women from my church. I guess it is totally sexual or something. Although I was an exhausted, 7 month pregnant, emotional mess when I wore it. I wasn't thinking anything sexual if you know what I mean:D I just wanted to be comfortable. So much for moms building each other up. Can 3 and 4 year olds really read that much into that sweatshirt? Anyway, I sometimes wonder why people feel free to criticize emotional pregnant women but, not the women who dress inappropriately for Mass. (I am capable of doing both:))

Now I know that we shouldn't judge someones heart by what they wear. I don't want Dew to have sex with Diet.....even though my sweatshirt suggested I did:D For one thing I doubt that they are married. Back to the subject at hand obviously, you can be wrong when you assume things. We witnessed a young girl wearing a miniskirt come into Mass early kneeling for more than 10 minutes in prayer. This girl is well intentioned. However, if you have been asked multiple times to dress more appropriately in Gods house you should make some attempt. The church is not the place for you to wear your see through tank top. The church is kept at 70 degrees. If you are hot at that temperature you better start thinking how hot hell is? Maybe that's a bit harsh...but really they should be concerned:D

Being the mature adults we are Captain Awesome and I made a game out of counting up how many people come to church dressed inappropriately. I always give the young girls a break. They are young and probably haven't been instructed like the girl I mentioned before. So they can't really be held responsible. But, the 45+ year old woman who was wearing a small dress with spaghetti straps really annoyed me yesterday. And it's not just because it's age inappropriate...its just inappropriate for Mass . I understand her desire for everyone to see her entire back and her awesome tattoo....but, seriously. She didn't have to wear this to Mass. Where is the moral police on this one? Shouldn't someone pull her to the side and shame her? Afterall, it's just as bad as wanting Dew to have sex with Diet.

Oh how I wish I lived in simpler times. During the revelation with Our Lady of Fatima, Mary warned the children that in the later part of the century there would be fashions that would greatly offend God. AND NOW WE ARE WEARING THEM TO MASS. I'm sure God is delighted. (please note my sarcasm) Anyway, what ever happened to women dressing like ladies. That's one thing I always loved about movies with Southern Baptist's. They always dressed respectfully and had respect for themselves. Look at the lady in the right. She has a big old hat and whatnot. If someone was sitting behind her it might be a problem. But, at least she cared enough to dress like a lady.

I would never hold myself up as someone who dresses perfectly for Mass. I wear pants and in the winter I have worn tennis shoes (GASP!) Now I'm not saying women should wear mantillas. Although I have heard it wasn't the intention of Vatican II to actually get rid of this practice.

I have a lot of respect for the lady who wears them at our church. I can see why its a very humble thing to do. And how it can help keep you focused. (You know not making games about appropriateness others attire)

I wonder if all of Father T's notes in the bulletin aren't being followed because people just don't read the bulletin or perhaps (cue the dramatic music) they can't read:O

Why am I writing about mantilla's again? Oh you know the answer. I read another post on them. Oh, they are so pretty and so traditional...they are just lovely. Whenever, I see posts on them I can't stop thinking about them. Put that with Fathers letter, and the streetwalkers:D at Mass yesterday and it makes a perfect storm of randomness for me. If you read all of this and could actually make sense of deserve a treat. Go eat some of your kids snacks:D


  1. Great rant! I can't stand it when mothers dress their kids like streetwalkers. Hello?! I don't get what was wrong w/ your diet dew sweatshirt...some people just have dirty minds. I think there's some scripture about that: out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Oh - and I could totally see you wearing a mantilla (and Ru, too)

  2. Oh Stephanie.

    So you remember the first time we attempted to go through the Popes? When I tried to have her put on a veil she threw it to the ground and stormed was actually quite funny:D


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