Friday, August 20, 2010

Things GH has been doing.....

In the morning he will tell me "Hi, Mom" then he will run over to the turtle aquarium and say "hi" to Donatello. At least I still have higher billing than the turtle.

GH loves looking through his Fruit and Veggie Alphabet book. He smacks his lips and says yummy. Now if I could get the kid to eat a few Cheetos, he might put on a little weight.

Speaking of weight GH did gain some weight. He is officially on the charts. I don't know where he is on the chart for sure. But I think he hit his goal weight so I think he is in the 5% range...but, at least he's on the chart:D

At bedtime he will tap everyone on the nose and say "I love you"

He is driving his trucks on the wall.

He takes towels and throws them over his head so he looks like a ghost. I don't think he knows what a ghost is but, he likes to mimick what Rooster does.

GH also likes to mimick Big Dog. He thinks its hillarious when Big Dog pees into the toilet. And I have caught him trying after he watches Big Dog. GH will lift up his shirt stick out his belly and laugh.

GH likes musical chairs even though I'm not certain he understands the game.

He is suprising me with lots of new words and phrases. Im so suprised when he picks out cereal saying "That one".

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