Thursday, September 30, 2010

gh plays basketball

Apples and Pumpkins

We went to Martins Hillside Orchard today. We picked lots of apples.
The kids always love the tunnel and corn tee pee.

There were lots of picture ops. Not that anyone in our family likes to take lots of pictures:)

The kids also enjoy the little corn maze.

The Hay Mountain is pretty cool too:)

They also added some new stuff.

When Rooster saw the tire pile she totally ditched us.

The tire swing was still there. Weeeeee

This year we picked up pumpkins there too. I forgot a bag so we didn't get any raspberries. Maybe next year.

But, its ok we didn't get raspberries. The kids were having a blast picking up pumpkins.

It's been a long week. But we're hangin' in there

Fun with friends

The boys enjoyed playing together.

Olivia always tells the best jokes.

GH shared some animal cookies with Olivia.

some random pictures

Hmmm...he's not even a teenager and we are already embarrassing him.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

everyone knows Cutie Pie

Today I took the kids to the Dollar store. Everywhere we go someone knows Cutie Pie. So on the way home I asked her, "Ruzenka do you think everyone knows who you are because you have a unique name? Or do you think they know who you are because you are so awesome?" Roo Cutie Pie laughed and said, "because I am awesome."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A closer look for Jenna

Cutie Pie

Rooster does not like her blog name of Rooster anymore. So from now on (or until she changes it again) she has requested that her code name on the blog be changed to Cutie Pie because Rooster is a boys name.

Rooster's Karate Class

It shouldn't be too hard to spot Rooster in this picture. She's the only girl in a class of twelve. She noticed this before class started and seemed a bit uncomfortable.  But, when I came to pick her up she was having a good time.

Rooster says that she enjoyed karate class. But, she wants to be in ballet like all the girls. I had every intention of signing her up for dance. But, I didn't see the registration until after we signed up for karate. I spoke with the dance instructor and she said Rooster could join later after karate. But, karate has been pushed back so many weeks that it might be too late for dance this year. I'm going to check into it. Maybe I'll have to take her to Lincoln.

I think I just threw up a little....

Whenever I agree with B.O. I have a wave of emotions. The first stage/emotion is shock. Then the second stage comes and confusion sets in. How can this happen? Should I reconsider my position?:D Then I enter the third and final stage of acceptance. And I think....this is just like when he's fighting pirates.

Something you don't see everday......

No not just a regular run of the mill Methodist Church.. Take a closer look.....

Before I converted I actually attended a church service here. So I can assure you that they aren't Nazi's or anything. But, how often do you see this? I don't know why it's on there for sure.  But this town has a lot of people of Slavic descent and I think that is why the symbol is there. If you are a big weirdo like me. You can read a little bit about it  here. I remember on our honeymoon we went to the catacombs and I was shocked to see them on the walls.  I guess someone should have done some reading before she went:D

Hangin' out at the park

This morning I took GH to the park. The first 20 minutes we were the only one there. But, eventually the place was packed. This made GH very happy:)

While we were at the park I pointed out an airplane that was flying by. Then I pointed at the moon. I told him that we couldn't see all of the moon because the Earths shadow was on it (as if either of us understands it;)) but that the moon can look like a big circle. (GH likes circles) GH said "A ball?" I said, "Yes, it can look like a big ball," GH then started reaching towards it and said "Get it, get it" How precious is that?:)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Smartypants Institute is in session

Last week I started GH's pre-pre-school;D We are using the alphabet to determine subjects just like last year. Since we haven't done a lot of learning activities over the summer his attention span is about 20 minutes. Then class is over;D   
 Sure we are suppose to be working on subjects that start with B. But, I couldn't wait another week to do this cute caterpillar math activity with Rooster. I saw it featured in this months Family Fun magazine.
 Totally unrelated but we have been working on a new project for our Pope blog. I think I'm titling the project Papal Bling.

I can't wait for Christmas! Come on sing with me.....

I'm just kidding of course:D Don't get all riled up;D 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

poor baby Jesus

When Rooster was a baby I would go on parenting message boards. I wasn't one of the parents who had a 2,000 post count because I was helping other moms, or even asking for help. I had a 2,000 post count because I was joking around with other posters:D I'm sure you are having a diffficult time imagining me wasting time on-line;D Haha

 Anyway, we would post late into the evening. Then the next morning the regulars would show up and be all mad about the posts. I don't remember why they would be sooo upset. I guess they didn't find polar bears as interesting as we did. We were accused of being one person blah blah blah....The conspiracy theories were interesting.

Anyway, these regular ladies were all a little too serious for me. They always wanted to talk about parenting stuff. Which just goes to show they weren't totally evil. But, they definitely had their views. (While my group had a diverse set of parenting ideas) the other groups left no room for deviation. You were with them or against them. Some made moms who formula fed their babies feel defensive. Some thought cloth diapers were the only way to go. While others thought cloth diapers were dirty and unsanitary. Some made you paranoid if you gave your kids a vaccine.  Still others laid on the guilt trip if you were a working mother.

Then it occurred to me that no one could possibly please all these people. Not even the most perfect mother. Who is this perfect mother? Well duh....the Virgin Mary. Even she wouldn't meet some of these peoples expectations for motherhood. Do you wanna know why the woman who was good enough to carry, and raise our Lord and Savior, isn't good enough to meet some of these ladies standards?  Sure God in all of his wisdom chose Mary to be the mother of his son. But did God know what Mary would do to Jesus? Did he know that Mary would heartlessly wrap Jesus up and place him in a manger? Did God know the emotional damage Mary would cause Jesus by not co-sleeping with him?

Yes this post is meant to be ridiculous. Because trying to be a perfect mother is absolutely ridiculous too. Except for Mary. She was perfect and she didn't co-sleep. So in your face hippies:D

elaborate celebrations arent our thing.....because elaborate celebrations are hard

 Saint Wenceslaus' feast day isn't until Tuesday. But our parish is having the fall festival tomorrow. We can't go because Captain Awesome has to do inventories. It happens every year:( The kids have been doing really well at Mass. I'm just not brave enough to fly solo at a church event;D

But, that didn't stop us from celebrating. We put out our Czech flag and made a sign. We live close to the church. So hopefully people will enjoy our sign as they drive down our road to church.

Best invention EVER!

I had to pull out the old sanity savers today. 
I wonder if Mary would have used ear plugs? Probably not. Jesus was probably a baby who did a lot of cooing and looking cute. Jesus was probably a early talker too. Unfortunately GH isn't an early talker. He's probably about average. This means on a bad day 50% of what GH tries to communicate is done by stomping his feet and screeching at the top of his lungs.

I don't know who invented ear plugs. But I wouldn't be surprised if something this awesome came directly from the mind of God himself:D

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Perfect Evening Outside

None of you punks can stop Brett's dunks.

Tonight GH told me "I like cake." What a coincidence. So do I:D

the upstairs bathroom

Rooster has been on me to do some painting. She doesn't like the walls white. She also doesn't like her closet being white either. So don't bring it up:D Anyway, it turned out a bit darker than I liked. But, before I do the downstairs bathroom I'm going to get the paint lightened. And I won't be painting the ceiling either so that will help.

Anyway, here it is all green and brown. Its pretty good by my standards:)

 I brought all the black and white bathroom photos of the kids upstairs. Rooster doesn't approve of how I arranged them. She's such a little Martha.
Yes, its a coffee table in my bathroom. But, its the perfect color and it holds all the towels since we don't have built in shelving:)

Hop on.....

I caught Big Dog doing a little reading in his room. So I had to get a picture because he's a cutie pie.

Considering the content of what he was looking at I really shouldn't  be surprised at what he did when I walked out of the bedroom. I looked back in the room to see him climbing up onto the dresser. I said "Don't you do it Brett." He looked at me and laughed. Then he jumped from the dresser onto GH's bed where he was sleeping. He didn't land on GH. But, GH was startled. I was surprised that he closed his eyes and went back to bed. Big Dog, Big Dog, Big Dog

...because we are soooo high class

We named our new boats yesterday. Later that evening the boats made their maiden voyage in our bathtub.  

Oh, you aren't impressed with our dollar store clearance boats?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Dog's Big Catch

Big Dog ran into the kitchen to show me this butterfly that he caught. I made him take it back outside.

Big Dog was absolutely fascinated by it:)