Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think I just threw up a little....

Whenever I agree with B.O. I have a wave of emotions. The first stage/emotion is shock. Then the second stage comes and confusion sets in. How can this happen? Should I reconsider my position?:D Then I enter the third and final stage of acceptance. And I think....this is just like when he's fighting pirates.


  1. What do you agree with him on?

  2. The link is to a story about extending the school year.

    I think it would benefit the students and I think it would help teachers too. They need more time to teach more difficult students. And since teachers are considered underpaid (lower middle class) if they taught 10 or 11 months instead of just 9 months a year. They would be paid in accordance and would be upper middle class. No need to make them poverty stricken because we cant provide them with a whole year job. If you KWIM?


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