Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nativity of Mary and CCD

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Nativity of Mary. So we made some cupcakes for ourselves and our Catholic neighbors.

The cupcakes were so delicious that Big Dog thought we needed to eat them for dinner. He gave everyone ONE cupcake, and then gave himself THREE. I guess that seemed fair until he ate one of his cupcakes. Then he decided he still needed three cupcakes so he took my cupcake. Oh very funny Big Dog.
Today was Roosters first day at CCD. It was a battle to get her there until we told her that CCD is school.
This weeks project was a collage of things God made. F.Y.I. God made everything so it was an easy collage:D On the way home I asked her "Who made everything?" She told me it was Mrs. Farley the CCD instructor. Well not exactly Rooster;)

Usually Rooster struggles through Mass. But, she absolutely loved Mass tonight. I think she loved seeing all the kids doing what she was doing. She was very impressed with the girl who did the readings. Actually, I was impressed as well.

And for the first time Rooster was really interested in Communion. Tonight Rooster said, "We go to church to pray. Then we have a snack." I said "Yes, we go to church to pray. But bread is the body of Jesus. It's not a snack" Rooster asked, "When can I taste it?" I said "Well you have to go to two years of CCD before you get to take Communion." She told me she couldn't wait. Then she asked, "What does it taste like?"
I  said, " It tastes like bread."

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