Saturday, September 25, 2010

poor baby Jesus

When Rooster was a baby I would go on parenting message boards. I wasn't one of the parents who had a 2,000 post count because I was helping other moms, or even asking for help. I had a 2,000 post count because I was joking around with other posters:D I'm sure you are having a diffficult time imagining me wasting time on-line;D Haha

 Anyway, we would post late into the evening. Then the next morning the regulars would show up and be all mad about the posts. I don't remember why they would be sooo upset. I guess they didn't find polar bears as interesting as we did. We were accused of being one person blah blah blah....The conspiracy theories were interesting.

Anyway, these regular ladies were all a little too serious for me. They always wanted to talk about parenting stuff. Which just goes to show they weren't totally evil. But, they definitely had their views. (While my group had a diverse set of parenting ideas) the other groups left no room for deviation. You were with them or against them. Some made moms who formula fed their babies feel defensive. Some thought cloth diapers were the only way to go. While others thought cloth diapers were dirty and unsanitary. Some made you paranoid if you gave your kids a vaccine.  Still others laid on the guilt trip if you were a working mother.

Then it occurred to me that no one could possibly please all these people. Not even the most perfect mother. Who is this perfect mother? Well duh....the Virgin Mary. Even she wouldn't meet some of these peoples expectations for motherhood. Do you wanna know why the woman who was good enough to carry, and raise our Lord and Savior, isn't good enough to meet some of these ladies standards?  Sure God in all of his wisdom chose Mary to be the mother of his son. But did God know what Mary would do to Jesus? Did he know that Mary would heartlessly wrap Jesus up and place him in a manger? Did God know the emotional damage Mary would cause Jesus by not co-sleeping with him?

Yes this post is meant to be ridiculous. Because trying to be a perfect mother is absolutely ridiculous too. Except for Mary. She was perfect and she didn't co-sleep. So in your face hippies:D

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