Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Seven on Sunday because I was too lazy to do it yesterday

Seven Things That Happened This Week
1) For the last two Sundays I have been taking the kids to the front of the church during Mass. The first week the kids did so well that I bribed them....I mean....they earned a trip to Burger King. This week was definitely better than most Sundays but they weren't perfect:( But, heck neither am I. I'm lucky I'm making it to church at all.
2) Big Dog is stepping into his role of big brother more every day. Tonight Big Dog held GH on the swing so he could swing with him and Ru:) But, Big Dog is also getting rough with GH too. Honestly  GH has it coming. He was taking things from Big Dog etc...Well Big Dog has had enough of that:)
3) Big Dog has a go to stance when he's using the potty....I call it the Captain Morgan. He puts one foot on the rim of the toilet. Big Dog also continues to use the playhouse as his personal porta potty. Hopefully this habit will be broken before winter:) One day I heard GH screaming. I went outside expecting to see something awful. But, GH was only trying to let me know that Big Dog was peeing in the playhouse. What a little tattle tale:)
4) GH knows a lot of letters and sounds. And he loves to point out circles. He is very shy when we go out in public (at least at first) and he covers his eyes with his hands when people try to talk to him. At Mass GH is very interested in the altar boys. He points to them and say "Where they go?" GH might be my altar boy someday. I remember him playing with a bell on the altar a year ago, when we got the picture taken for our tenth wedding anniversary. He probably wont be an altar boy. But, a mom can dream can't she?
5) GH still loves to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning. This morning he woke me by spilling a pitcher of apple juice all over the bed and floor. (GH passed up a sippy and water bottle containers full of juice and milk because he won't use them unless he sees me pour the juice/milk into a cup or water bottle. He has been refusing to use a sippy. I guess that means he's a big boy.) Anyway, I admit I didn't handle this well. In the last 24 hours we had lost about 3 pitchers/containers of juice. And I wonder why I'm spending 40-50 dollars a week just on juice. I do know that my kids need it right now (per doctors orders).....but seriously I want to cry!
6) Thank you Krimsin for being the friend I could cry to about absolutely weird things our family is forced to deal with.
7) I painted a bunch of stuff this week, and moved a flower bed. Big Dog has destroyed the flower bed I moved by the garage. So I am pretty disappointed about that. But, what can you do? When every parenting strategy has been used and they all have failed just have to look forward to kindergarten:D Right Krimsin?

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