Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Seven

Seven Things That Happened This Week
1) I painted the porch. Hooray!
2) Earlier this week Rooster told me that there was an owl living in our tree. I told her that she must be hearing the Mourning Doves that live in our neighbors tree. (She has always confused owls and Mourning Doves because they sound so similar) Well she was correct there is an owl. I heard it myself.  I didn't actually see him and I don't know if he lives in our tree. But, he is close and loud.
3) GH is doing everything left handed including throwing rocks:(
4) While I was using the garden hose Big Dog thought it was funny to keep turning it off. Yes, hardy har har Big Dog.
5) Captain Awesome got an assistant trainee for his second store. HOORAY!
6) I did two dozen iron on transfers to dish towels. Now if I can find the time to actually embroider them.
7) I've been busy doing lots of fall cleaning:)

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