Saturday, September 11, 2010

sorrow and trial

I posted this on my Pope blog and thought I would share it here too:)

I thought this Mass card was very appropriate to post today on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. It is a picture of the late Pope John Paul II during his general audience on Sept 12, 2001 after being notified of the attacks on America.

It says "I ask you, dear brothers and sisters to join me in prayer.... Let us beg the Lord that the spiral of hatred and violence will not prevail. May the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Mercy fill the hearts of all with wise thoughts and peaceful intentions."

On the back it has the Pope's remarks about the tragedy:

"My heartfelt sympathy is with the American people, subjected to...inhuman terrorist attacks which have taken the lives of thousands of innocent human beings and caused unspeakable sorrow in the hearts of all men and women of good will."

A special thank you to Jesus, Saint Anthony and Pope John Paul II for helping me find this Mass card. I had been searching for it for a long time. I decided that I better ask for help since it was getting late. I found it five minutes later on a bookcase I had already looked through. I don't know who helped me find it but thank you:)

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